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Elevating Steamboat vacation rental management to new heights

At InvitedHome, we developed our Steamboat vacation rental management services on three core principles: Cash, Care, and Communication. We’re proud to say our portfolio includes some of the most beautiful homes in Steamboat, and through this, we understand what it takes to care for a high-end mountain home. Take a look at our full list of mountain homes to see what we look for in a Steamboat vacation rental.

With InvitedHome, you’ll receive much more than just a Steamboat property management company. Our local Steamboat ground teams will handle all of your home’s care, such as inventory inspections, planned maintenance schedules, and customized housekeeping instructions, but you’ll also have access to our Boulder Support Center. Here, we use our international reach to market your Steamboat vacation rental to the right guests, in the right places, at the right times.

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Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management Specialists use a dynamic pricing model that generates unique daily rates based on seasonal demand, events in the area, how long guests plan to stay, and more.

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Listing Optimization Process

Our proprietary technology helps your team at the Boulder Support Center increase your home's visibility across all listing sites. We've found that with our approach, a four-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot home can see as many as 987 views online every month.

Cms steamboat workorder

Work Order System

Our Steamboat crew and Boulder Support Center work closely together to automatically organize and coordinate housekeeping and preventative maintenance visits to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Cms steamboat ownerdashboard

Owner Dashboard

You’ll have access to everything that’s going on with your home, from how it’s performing financially to the high level of care we’re providing. This is available to you online, anytime.

Cms steamboat hightouch

Our High Touch Team

When you have questions about your Steamboat vacation rental, we're always there to help. Whether you're curious about our revenue management process, our white-glove care, or how we market your home, we'd be happy to help you understand.

Cms steamboat virtualbinder

Virtual Binder

To ensure your guests have the best Steamboat vacation experience possible, we’ll put together a virtual binder that acts as an intuitive, online user manual. This way, you can feel confident that your guests know how to use and care for all your home’s unique amenities.

Cms steamboat2

Meet Zach Sennett

Your go-to man in Steamboat

Zach is your point man for any on-the-ground Steamboat projects. You can get in touch with him for any request you have, from checking to see if you left the coffee pot on to meeting you with a spare set of keys should you need them. 

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Steamboat's Principles of Vacation Home Management

Every vacation home management company should deliver cash, care, and communication. That means generating revenue, ensuring the care and long-term value of the home, and providing responsive, transparent customer service. Powered by HomeCraft and our team of industry professionals that consistently outperform the competition, the difference is not only what we do - it's also how we do it.

Cms steamboat cash

Steamboat's Approach to CASH

Our local expertise and experience in the Steamboat vacation rental industry give us the knowledge to maximize your rental revenue, and our advanced technology helps us generate the best daily rate. Our custom asset management plans are based on your specific goals, while your dedicated marketing team will work to increase your home's visibility, in turn driving up interest and generating more bookings. In the end, this all results in more revenue for you.

Cms steamboat care

Steamboat's Approach to CARE

Your Steamboat vacation home is incredibly special. We understand that, and this will always shine through in the way we care for your home. We'll take the time to know its distinct features that require unique instructions and customized checklists, and we'll schedule inventory inspections, customize housekeeping instructions, and create home operations manuals for your guests, so they know how to use and care for every one of your home's unique features.

Cms steamboat hex2

Steamboat's Approach to COMMUNICATION

Communication is key to the proper management of your high-end home, so we’re always available to you. With our HomeCraft technology, you’ll have real-time access to guest reservations, when preventative and necessary maintenance is scheduled, current revenue, and more. You'll also have a dedicated Homeowner Experience team, so if you ever have questions, you can give us a call or send us an email. We'll always be there for you.

Cms steamboat homecraft

HomeCraft Dashboard Transparency & Control

Steamboat InvitedHomeowners are given all-hours access to their HomeCraft Dashboard to see exactly how their home is performing financially. The dashboard also reports on cleaning appointments, routine inspections, and maintenance calls, so you can always track its performance in real-time, anytime.

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