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Your Real Estate Manager
Sandi Reynolds

Sandi’s background includes extensive marketing and sales for a wide variety of industries, though she has always been especially interested in the travel and hospitality space. Before moving to Maui, Sandi founded a corporate travel agency and successfully sold it after five years. She also worked for various airlines, presenting their charge-card system at airline headquarters around the world. Additionally, Sandi held a real estate license in Virginia and assisted in the corporate marketing departments at several real estate organizations. For the last 13 years, Sandi has been living and working in Maui with her two active middle school kids and a golden retriever named Piper. As a part of the InvitedHome team, she works tirelessly to offer great solutions to our luxury homeowners.

You can reach Sandi at (808) 442-2402 or

Order a Revenue Projection

Provide your clients with accurate, detailed rental revenue projection reports. We use a combination of proprietary technology and human experience to create a truly unique revenue management system.

As a part of our services, we offer homeowners a custom asset management plan based on the individual needs and ownership goals of the client, helping us create accurate forecasts and expected revenue projections. From here, our team of revenue managers and data analysts keep a close watch on revenue algorithms and make any necessary changes based on market conditions.

Show your clients how your marketing plan will attract more revenue-driven buyers. A partnership with InvitedHome and the associated additional revenue adds value to any property.

Help your clients get the most from their home. Including a relationship with InvitedHome means a buyer can start earning revenue immediately after closing, boosting value and sales prospects. We can provide you with all the tools and resources you need to understand and explain our one-of-a-kind pricing system, which can generate up to 500 unique rates per year and ensure your client never misses out on potential rental revenue.

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Membership has its privileges. Our goal is to best take care of your client. We value your referral and would like to say “thank you” by providing unique and relevant perks.

  • $5,000 commission for a home with a revenue projection of $100k or more. 
  • $2,500 commission for a home with a revenue projection less than $100k. 
  • 5 Night vacation for referring five homes which become part of our luxury portfolio. *Subject to Black-out dates
  • 15% off all vacation rentals through InvitedHome

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We'll give you all the resources you need to speak confidently about the benefits of our partnership, as well as materials for your clients to better understand the value of vacation rental management.

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The Revenue While You Sell Strategy
Why InvitedHome

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We believe vacations are essential to the soul, and that goes for your vacations, too. To begin enjoying a 15% discount off any rental in one of our fine destinations, please email and be sure to mention that you are a Sotheby's International Realty partner.

Shop our luxury vacation rental portfolio at

Other InvitedHome Exclusive Services

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When an InvitedHome is listed for sale, we will ensure you can schedule showings with as little as 24-hour notice. And we’ll handle all the communication on your behalf with transparency. Click here to learn more.

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Help your clients, friends, family, acquaintances enjoy a vacation in a beautiful home vs. a hotel. Or assist clients coming to town to view properties on short notice? We often have homes that are in-between stays that would be a much nicer perk. We will add a note from you in the home for their arrival with a bottle of wine or chocolates on your behalf. To refer a guest, please email and be sure to mention that you are a Sotheby's International Realty partner.

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Extra Exposure. Extra Excitement. Extra Activity. For those properties that are ready for a little extra exposure and activity in the home, InvitedHome, the country’s preeminent luxury vacation rental and property management company, offers the Revenue While You Sell Strategy. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about InvitedHome & Luxury Vacation Rental/Property Management

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Revenue Management

We use a dynamic pricing model that generates the best daily rate for our homeowners based on factors like demand, seasonality, local events, average length of stay, and more. We have experienced, knowledgeable ground teams in every market who know which local events drive high short-term demand, while our Revenue Specialists in the Boulder Support Center compile data on how to handle shoulder seasons and stay competitive with other homes in the area.

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Listing Optimization Process

By bringing together our local experts in each market, our proprietary technology, and a dedicated Boulder-based professional marketing team, we can increase our homeowner's visibility across all listing sites. InvitedHome's listing optimization process has resulted in a four-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot home averaging 987 views every month.

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Work Order System

Our operations teams automatically organize and coordinate all housekeeping and preventative maintenance visits, ensuring the home is always ready for both the owner and their guests. This is also a wonderful way to preserve the home's long-term value.

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Owner Dashboard

We offer our homeowners access to a unique Owner Dashboard. Here, they can see how their home is performing financially, how we're caring for it, and more. All this is available in real-time, anytime.

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High Touch Teams

Our local and Support Center teams are always available for anything our owners -- or their guests -- may need. This includes access to their dedicated Homeowner Experience Specialist in Boulder, who can answer questions about revenue management, home care, or how we're marketing the home to increase visibility.

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Virtual Binder

To ensure our owners' guests have the best, smoothest vacation experience possible, we put together a "Virtual Binder" that acts as an intuitive, online user manual, and is unique to every home. This way, we instill confidence in our owners that their guests know how to use and care for all of the home's unique amenities.