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In a very fragmented industry that has too often lacked consistency and loyalty, we saw an underserved opportunity to partner with those closest to the homeowner - YOU!
It's our goal to eliminate the challenges and be your client's property management partner
while keeping you front and center throughout the process.

We'd like to pay you $5,000!

for referring a qualified home

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Partnership Privileges

Becoming an agent coterie (AC)

  • Start receiving relevant information about property management and revenue
  • Start receiving referrals as our nearly 45,000 yearly guests can become buyers
  • Start receiving quick Revenue Projections
  • Start receiving marketing materials to help you position revenue as a selling point
  • Request a showing when they home is rented
  • Request support for open houses, etc.


noun | co·te·rie | \ˈkō-tə-(ˌ)rē, ˌkō-tə-ˈrē\

An intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose.