April Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Stewards of the Remarkable

Always helping our guests ~ Find the perfect home

InvitedHome’s central Support Center in Boulder, Colorado, is home to many different kinds of experts in the travel hospitality space. From guest and homeowner experience teams to finance, operations and technology leaders and beyond - you name it - and you’ll probably find one of our experts in their respective fields in the home office on any given day. But perhaps no single group of team members have their collective fingers more on the pulse of our industry than our Reservations Team. The unrivaled knowledge and unbridled passion that each individual Vacation Consultant has for the amazing destinations we serve is certainly contagious, and now we’d like to pass a little bit of it onto you.

Each InvitedHome guest is unique, and the vacation home they choose is a reflection of that. The Reservations Team is usually a guest’s first introduction to InvitedHome, and therefore, their affable and knowledgeable personalities always come into play. Or as Liz, a Vacation Consultant  for nearly a year now, puts it, “we also demonstrate how the InvitedHome experience sets us above the competition by treating people like the humans they are, listening and responding to every guest inquiry.” That of course requires knowing every home inside and out, as well as all the surrounding areas and local attractions. To which we say, “no small task.”

But that’s exactly what keeps things interesting for this “talented, inspiring, and hardworking team,” says Veronika, a Vacation Consultant since August 2016. And as Liz so eloquently puts it, “each of us on the team has a voice, no matter how small (or large) an idea, suggestion, or way to improve upon a process may be.” Fellow colleague Brent would be inclined to agree. “The friendliness of everyone and a willingness to help each other out,” he says, “is what helps us deliver the best guest experience possible and helps make it easier to find the best home for their group.” And with such a close-knit Reservation Team like this one, we can always be confident they’re doing just that.

This Month's Birthdays

Let's Celebrate ~ Our April Birthdays

  • Rufus ~ Central Support Center
  • Eric ~ Central Support Center
  • Analise ~ Maui
  • Emily ~ Emerald Coast
  • Sue ~ Breckenridge
  • Sarah ~ South Lake Tahoe