December 2017 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Mandy at the Support Center

Let's celebrate ~ Mandy's birthday!

This month, we’re celebrating Mandy’s birthday!

Mandy, an Onboarding Specialist on our Sales Team, joined InvitedHome almost six months ago. To do so, she moved out of the mountains for the first time in a decade.

Before joining the Support Center in Boulder, Mandy lived in ski towns like Telluride and Steamboat Springs. The move to Boulder and the Support Center office is definitely a new and challenging chapter in her life, but Mandy is excited to be with a company that sees value in her contributions and that’s willing to invest in her growth with things like the Sandler training our Sales Team is completing together right now.

Thus far, Mandy has really loved that she gets the chance to travel to our wonderful destinations. She’s been to Telluride, Tahoe, Florida, and Santa Barbara! The trip to SB for the Tesla event was particularly exciting because she got to meet the local team, see the layout of the city outside of a computer, and experience the amazing sprawling estates first-hand. While she didn’t get to see it in person on her trip to Telluride, Mandy’s favorite home is Ridgeview at See Forever.

Mandy’s favorite part about working on our Sales Team is building strong bonds with our homeowners. She loves talking to owners who are passionate about their homes and their towns. Their energy builds her own excitement, so the “deep dive” discussions are especially valuable to her.

The passion our owners have about their destinations is something Mandy can appreciate personally. Ever since her first international trip - to China in 8th grade with her mom - she’s appreciated the perspective travel offers on life. On that trip to China, she saw true poverty for the first time in her life and it really changed her mindset about a lot of things.

Since then, Mandy has taken regular mother-daughter vacations, spent a summer in Europe and six months in New Zealand, and she toured around the Galapagos Islands. She has a long list of next adventures, including: backpacking in Norway, a “Ja-Pow” ski trip to Japan, and airplane camping between Vancouver and Alaska once her boyfriend gets his pilot’s license.

Thanks for all your help over the last six months, Mandy! We hope you have the very happiest of birthdays!

This is a photo of a favorite memory Mandy has from her trip to Opus Hut last spring with her boyfriend. She says it was magic! They had so much fun, they're going back again this April!

Cms mandy   opus hut

And a little more celebration!

This month's ~ InvitedHome birthdays

  • Bobby | Lead Maintenance Tech ~ Tahoe
  • James | CFO ~ Support Center
  • Brenda | Quality Assurance Specialist ~ 30A
  • John | Lead Maintenance Tech ~ Telluride
  • Mark | Maintenance Tech ~ Breckenridge

John at the Support Center

Let's celebrate ~ John's 3rd InvitedHome anniversary!

December is a month of festivities, and we have a BIG celebration here at InvitedHome: John has reached his 3-year anniversary!!!

John, our Business Intelligence Analyst at the Support Center, joined InvitedHome way back in 2014 after stumbling across an ad on Luke’s Circle (a job network local to Boulder). The original six destinations (Breck, Telluride, South Lake Tahoe, Maui, and Santa Barbara) were in place, but the company only had around 15 teammates and things were very different than they are now - both for our company and for John himself.

On a personal level, John has really grown his technical knowledge. “I'm an Excel jockey,” he said, “but being a bit of a one-man band in [the] department has motivated me to learn other technologies in order to better serve my colleagues and our owners.”

John’s proudest accomplishment since joining our team is building our company’s first-ever revenue forecast. “It was a big undertaking that we'd never attempted before, and after almost a full year since being implemented, it has turned out to be an accurate and insightful tool that helps all parts of the business improve.”

One of the most impactful changes John has seen since he started is the building of specialized teams, like Guest Experience, Homeowner Experience, Sales, and Marketing. Another big, meaningful change was our decision to give homeowners more focus and ensure their InvitedHome experiences are just as amazing as our guests’.

And what does the IH “experience” mean to John? Well, it all comes down to hospitality; delivering the very best in the industry in awe-inspiring homes and destinations.

Fortunately, John thinks we have the right people on our team to consistently deliver that experience. In fact, his favorite parts about working with InvitedHome are the hard-working people and the high-energy atmosphere they create.

“It’s not just a group of people going through the motions,” John said. “There’s excitement for the future and that creates amazing energy. People are always stepping up, all the time.”

John has really loved seeing the team come together whenever there’s a “whatever [the heck] it takes” moment. Recent examples include Hurricane Irma, and wildfires in Breck and Santa Barbara.

“While they’re somewhat extreme,” he said, “those experiences really exemplify how dedicated all our team members are, and why we all will continue to be the driving force behind InvitedHome’s awesomeness and growth.

“These are my colleagues and I’m proud to say I work with them.”

The feeling is mutual, John! We’re so fortunate to have you with us on this adventure! Thanks for everything!

According to John, this is, “A picture of a printed picture. Kinda crappy quality, but hey, it’s Telluride Bluegrass!! [And] I really do like that picture.”

Cms img 1430

More Anniversary Celebrations

This month's ~ InvitedHome work anniversaries!

  • Ian | Operations Manager ~ Vail ~ 1 year
  • Hailee | Hospitality Services Manager ~ Telluride ~ 1 year
  • Glenn | Sales ~ Support Center ~ 1 year

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