March 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Will in Jackson Hole

Let's celebrate ~ Will's birthday!

This month, we’re celebrating Will’s birthday!

Will is our Director of Operations out in Jackson Hole. He joined our team last May and has worked hard to get Jackson Hole up and running. Will is a one-man band up in Jackson and recently welcomed his first guests! He said it was very exciting to welcome them into Grand Outlook for the first time! There was a lot of running around last minute to tidy up the house before the guests arrived, but everything went off without a hitch.

During his time with InvitedHome, Will has enjoyed the wide variety of tasks he gets to handle. In his prior roles, he never got to “flex his sales muscles” like he has with InvitedHome. He loves meeting people from all around the community and making connections within Jackson Hole.

Will’s favorite home in Jackson Hole is Grand Outlook, our principal property in Wyoming, which is a spacious 5-bedroom with views of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The house is designed so that each bedroom has a private view of the Teton Range. Will loves the breathtaking views and location of the home. Sitting about 1,000 feet above the valley floor, this home is truly stunning.

Will first learned about IH after Henry, our co-founder, reached out to him via LinkedIn. After learning more about IH, Will decided to take the job and has been doing a great job ever since.

Maybe the reason why he’s been doing so well is because he’s an industry expert. Will’s first job was at the OMNI Interlocken as a bellhop/valet. Will worked there while attending the University of Colorado Boulder.

In 2004, he was persuaded to move to Jackson Hole where his friends quickly converted him from skiing to snowboarding (which he’s now obsessed with). Will has worked at every level of the hotel industry and has done everything from bellhop to general manager. What started as a part-time job has transformed into a full-blown career and we’re grateful Will has found his home at InvitedHome.

One of our core values that resonates with Will is that, “Vacations are essential to the soul”. He feels everyone should take at least one true vacation each year. A memorable vacation he took was a 2-month backpacking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail. Sadly, his trip was cut short due to a foot injury; however, he plans to return to finish the remainder of the trail.

Thanks for all your help over the last 10 months, Will! You’ve been an amazing teammate and an inspiration for all of us at InvitedHome. We hope you have an amazing and relaxing birthday (probably snowboarding)!

Here's Will snowboarding!

And a Little More Celebration!

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John in Telluride

Let's Celebrate ~ John's InvitedHome Anniversary

This month we have some exciting news coming from’s John’s 1-year InvitedHome Anniversary! John is our Lead Maintenance Tech in Telluride and he has been resolving guest issues and answering homeowner questions for the last year.  

He first travelled to Telluride last year and he immediately fell in love with the old Colorado mining town feel, which has made Telluride so famous. The town itself is nestled perfectly up in the mountains, which makes it feel cozy and welcoming. When he came across our position listed in the local newspaper, he knew he had to apply!

During his time with InvitedHome, he has really enjoyed being a part of the team in Telluride. He likes seeing how all the parts of our destination operations fit together. Being able to work alongside our highly motivated people is something he enjoys about the day-to-day of the job.

He’s most proud of the fact that his team knows how to get issues resolved. They created an issue log, in conjunction with our Guest Experience Team, for each house so they can record and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. One of the keys to success for Telluride is never putting things off. He says that his teammates come to each weekly meeting prepared with a full list of questions, concerns and ideas.

One of the standout moments was when he received a call about a broken boiler. When he entered the home he immediately realized that an entire wedding party was staying there and they were two hours from the wedding and had no hot water (stressful to say the least). John was excited because he was able to get in, diagnose the problem, and resolve it quickly, giving the wedding party just enough time to get ready.

His favorite home in Telluride is Canyon View Retreat. He loves the design because the architect really understood how to have a family vacation. Firstly, there are no TVs in the main area, so you can connect with your family. In addition, the house is compartmentalized which separates all the bedrooms. This allows you to have privacy if you’re on vacation with another family. The house itself feels secluded even though it’s only a couple minutes out of town.

Before working with InvitedHome, John owned his own construction contracting business, which didn’t allow him to take many days off (only seven days in six years!). For that reason, he plans to take an overdue vacation and go to the Bahamas for some surfing.

John loves our core values and says that “Staying ahead of the competition” and “Treating people like humans” are two key aspects of his day-to-day, and they go hand in hand. Being able to remain calm in a stressful situation and communicate effectively creates a conducive work environment that allows our team down in Telluride to get stuff done and be the best they can be.

Thanks for all that you do John. We hope that this is the first of many InvitedHome anniversaries!

Here's John cruising on a train in New Jersey!

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