5 Family-Friendly Beach Tips

Headed to the sun-kissed sands? ~ Heed the proper preparations

Summertime has officially arrived. And at InvitedHome, that means it’s time to start planning and preparing for your next family vacation on the pristine beaches in our amazing destinations. Whether that means relaxing on the spectacular sands near one of our high-end Santa Barbara rentals, waterfront Lake Tahoe cabins, signature Emerald Coast condos and cottages, or enjoying all of the unexpected amenities associated with our Maui vacation rentals – InvitedHome delights in providing you with the following tips for spending an unforgettable day at the beach with your entire smiling family in tow.

1. Let’s begin with the basics - always prepare and protect
You can never have too much sunscreen. Seasoned beachgoers in InvitedHome’s coastal destinations know even the mildest sunburn on one of your little ones can disrupt an otherwise ideal escape. Apply liberally and often. Don’t let that cool ocean breeze fool you. The sun stays hot - no matter what.

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2. Stay vigilantly hydrated - pack plenty of water
Think about some of your most memorable vacations. How many times have you caught yourself saying gleefully, “Remember the time we spent half the day trying to hunt down some water?” Prepare accordingly. A well-packed cooler filled with plenty of ice and refreshing drinks goes a long way, and can inevitably prolong your stay on the sands without interruption.

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3. You’ll want to bring an abundance of kid-friendly snacks, too
While many of the most popular beaches are home to signature beachside snacks like ice cream and fried foods, the more affluent area beaches in your high-end destination may only have upscale dining options that can be quite objectionable to your child’s palate. Stop the tantrum before it begins! Bring plenty of healthy but delicious treats they can nibble on throughout the gorgeous day.

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4. Be mindful of currents and conditions
While the most family friendly beaches you’ll usually find in coves and bays, many of the most popular and accessible beaches tend to attract larger waves and surf. Look for signs and flags that might alert you to objectionable weather, and always check the tides (with low being the safest for children) before you plan your day.

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5. Set an agenda, parameters and expectations
Take the time to learn about the immediate area that surrounds you, what kind of fun family activities are readily available, and just how much time you’ll have to set aside to do what it is you exactly want to do. While the children may have the energy to participate in every fun-looking pursuit in sight, these are the kind of unexpectedly elegant beaches that are meant to be savored by the adults as well. Take a moment for yourself.

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Ready for Your Next Family Beach Vacation?
Now that you’re prepared ~ Let the planning begin
Please don’t hesitate to contact an InvitedHome Vacation Consultant via live chat or by calling (855) 978-7627 and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need about the high-end homes in our amazing coastal destinations. Your family will thank you later.