Santa Barbara Monthly Rentals

Live like a local on the American Riviera

A trip to Santa Barbara is an unforgettable experience. The California city has aptly earned its title as the American Riviera, thanks to the year-round beautiful weather, rich history, stunning architecture, and gorgeous coastlines. All this contributes to its billion-dollar tourism industry, which draws guests from all over the world who want the coveted Santa Barbara experience.

If you’ve ever visited this cultural oasis, you’ve likely experienced a feeling common among guests: The subtle unease about returning to the real world after such an amazing vacation. It’s this feeling that has driven so many to not only return to Santa Barbara annually, but to stay for longer periods.

This enchanting city is a perfect seasonal escape. Monthly vacation rentals in Santa Barbara have become extremely popular, and for good reason. At InvitedHome, we’ve seen snowbirds from Minnesota flock to Santa Barbara for four months to escape the winter. Similarly, Texans tired of triple-digit temperatures regularly spend the month of August on the breezy decks of our luxury homes. International guests are choosing an extended stay in Santa Barbara and using it as a springboard to explore the rest of California.

Our luxury vacation rentals in Santa Barbara are ideal for a 30-day stay. To help you make the most of your extended stay, we’ve put together a list of homes in which guests have spent a month or more, and raved about their experience.

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Where to stay for a month in Santa Barbara

Luxury vacation homes in Montecito, Santa Barbara

Want to live in top luxury among celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Rob Lowe? Then take a look through our homes in Montecito. Staggeringly beautiful and built to impress even the most discerning eye, these homes offer privacy, unparalleled views, and top-tier amenities. Hiking and walking trails meander through the neighborhood, providing ever-changing vantage points of the city, the Channel Islands, and the deep blue waters in between.

Our homes are found throughout the area, from the Eucalyptus Hills to the immaculate coasts of Fernald and Edgecliff Points. Here are a few Santa Barbara rentals perfect for extended stays in Montecito.

Cms montecito
Cms eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Hill Escape

Eucalyptus Hill Escape is true to its name. You'll have total privacy high in the hills, and within the gated community, only one neighbor nearby. From the balcony, take in the views of the hills, or hang out by your private pool that shares such exquisite vistas. With three bedrooms, up to seven guests can sleep here, making it the perfect Santa Barbara seasonal getaway for the whole family or a large group of friends.

Cms v2220 mariposa 06

Tuscan Charm

If you're looking for a seasonal Santa Barbara rental for the winter or summer, take a look at Tuscan Charm. Guests who have stayed here for an extended Santa Barbara vacation rave about its infinity pool and hot tub, as well as the shaded patio that looks out over the valley and to the channel beyond. If you're up for leaving the comfort of this gorgeous home in the hills, head down to the nearby Birnam Wood Golf Course, or set out for the day on one of the many family-friendly trails, such as the San Ysidro.

Cms montecito beach estate

Montecito Beach Estate

Montecito Beach Estate is an ideally situated Santa Barbara monthly rental. A large back patio with outdoor tables and chairs leads directly to your own slice of the pristine beach, so you're covered for days when all you want is the sound of the Pacific crashing a few feet away. For when you want to head into the bustling downtown, it's less than 15 minutes by car to State Street. In the living room, French doors open up to let the ocean breeze flutter through.

Luxury rentals in Mesa, Santa Barbara

If you’re looking for a long-term vacation rental in Santa Barbara where you can enjoy the city’s best parks and astounding views in a quiet setting, head to Mesa. We have homes that are walking distance to the area’s top attractions, including the beautiful and sprawling Shoreline Park, and the shopping center located at Meigs Road and Cliff Drive.

It may be a little confusing at first to get used to the winding roads that crisscross through this amazing neighborhood, but after a month, you’ll be navigating them like a local. Here are a few of our Santa Barbara monthly rentals in Mesa.

Cms mesa
Cms v2220  tom1258

Casa de Lujo

For a true taste of Spain right here in the U.S., book a long-term stay at Casa de Lujo. This Spanish-style home is authentic down to the open-air patio in the middle, where you can lounge under the fanning palm tree or have a meal at the outdoor table. From the balcony, look out over the mission-style red roofs so signature of Santa Barbara. When you're ready to head into downtown, you're only 10 minutes away.

Cms v2220  tom4507

Seaside Heights

Located just minutes from the beautiful Shoreline Park, Seaside Heights is a perfect Santa Barbara summer rental for the whole family. This furnished short-term rental has comfy outdoor patio furniture, where you can relax with views of the Pacific, or get a respite from the sun on the shady covered balcony. Ideal for a family of five, this home will give you the complete Santa Barbara experience you're looking for.

Cms v2220 bajada 30

Mira Vista Retreat

Peace and quiet, unbeatable views, and easy access to downtown make Mira Vista Retreat a spectacular 30-day rental in Santa Barbara. Walk through the fruit and avocado orchards on the property, rejuvenate in the sprawling backyard that looks over the town, or light a fire in the large outdoor fireplace and watch the city lights twinkle below. You'll never run short of things to do for a month when you book a stay at Mira Vista Retreat.

Monthly vacation rentals in Riviera, Santa Barbara

For about two miles, the Santa Barbara hills have an uncanny likeness to the beautiful terrain of coastal France and Italy, which is how this neighborhood earned its fitting name: The Riviera. As one of the older and more established neighborhoods, it’s also one of the wealthiest, and residents here enjoy some of the best views of downtown, the harbor, and the surrounding hills.

Our homes here provide the sought-out peace and quiet the Riviera hills offer, but you’re still only a five-minute drive from some of Santa Barbara’s most famous tourist attractions, including the Old Mission and the Museum of Natural History. Below are two of our homes in this neighborhood that would make for an unforgettable long-term stay.

Cms riviera
Cms v2220 las tunas 069

Cuatro Vientos

Cuatro Vientos is a home so staggeringly beautiful that LA Travel Magazine used it as a backdrop for a photoshoot with actress and model Olivia Culpo -- and it's yours to rent for the summer or winter. A private pool and deck area has sweeping views of the town, the ocean, and the Channel Islands beyond. Inside you'll find classic Santa Barbara architecture, with wrought iron fixtures and smooth white walls, and an immaculately designed ceiling hanging overhead.

Cms v2220 aps1

Vista Riviera

Spanish-style red-tiled balconies and exposed wood beams throughout give this home a distinct Santa Barbara look. Nearly every window in the house has a view of the hillside and ocean that form the iconic landscape, and the large private pool is great for splashing together as a family. With five bedrooms that sleep 10, Vista Riviera has plenty of space for multiple families, too.

Downtown rentals in Santa Barbara

Want to stay near the action of downtown Santa Barbara? We have long-term vacation rentals that are walking distance to bustling State Street and Stearns Wharf, and serve as ideal home bases to explore the rest of Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas.

Cms downtown
Cms v2220 c3

Skyline Vista

Enjoy relaxing quiet, an outdoor firepit, and great views of the surrounding mountains all from the heart of downtown, Santa Barbara at Skyline Vista. This monthly rental has a highly contemporary design that matches the trendy downtown streets below. You'll be walking distance to all the shops, restaurants, and nightlife, as well as Stearns Wharf and the popular beach. If you're looking for culture, walk to the nearby Santa Barbara Historical Museum, or the subtly superb Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

Cms v2220 v1440 cf20

The Cordoban

Named after the magnificent medieval city of southern Spain, The Cordoban is the jewel of downtown Santa Barbara. With a clean, modern interior, you can relax after a day in town, or retire to your upper deck for a grilled dinner paired with views over the neighboring red roofs. This monthly Santa Barbara rental sleeps three, so it's ideally suited for couples and small families.

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A month in Santa Barbara

Want to spend an extended vacation in Santa Barbara? In our blog here we detail the best ways to spend a 30 day California vacation, and which of our homes are close to all the area's best draws.

Monthly Rentals in Santa Barbara

Spending a month in paradise is easier than you think.

Santa Barbara is the ultimate destination for a long-term vacation, whether you're escaping the cold, the heat, or daily life back home. To learn more about how to spend a month in Santa Barbara, get in touch with our Vacation Consultants, who can point you toward the best homes given what you're looking for, the best areas, and what to do during your month-long stay.