Southwest Airlines feels the Aloha spirit with new routes to Hawaii

Planning the perfect Maui vacation just got a little easier thanks to Southwest Airlines, which announced on October 11 that it would begin servicing nonstop flights to Hawaii from the continental U.S.

Up until now, the low-cost carrier didn’t have the necessary long-haul capabilities for a Hawaii flight, but that all changed when it took delivery of the Boeing 737 Max, which has a longer range than the current Boeing 737. While the company hasn’t yet announced exact routes, fares, or other details, the prospect of an affordable flight to one of the country’s premier vacation destinations is enough to get excited about.

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This is truly a win for consumers. Not only does Southwest offer affordable flights to its destinations, it also has a remarkable influence on overall airfare prices within a specific market. In a fascinating study conducted by The University of Virginia, when Southwest Airlines begins offering new destinations, fares among all airlines serving that route fall by an average of 15 percent, while traffic increases as much as 30 percent. If this holds true for Hawaii, it would mean cheaper tickets and more convenient flight options to the Aloha State.

As of October 12, flights from LA to Maui average around $619, according to Google flight price data. Should the Southwest Effect take hold and prices indeed fall 15 percent, that’s about $92 in savings you could put toward things to do in Maui. Once the route is cleared by the FAA, we’ll be watching closely to see what savings actually materialize.

Until then, though, let InvitedHome help plan your Maui vacation, from the best vacation rentals on Ka’anapali Beach to the most beautiful places for snorkeling. When it comes to your vacation, we love it when you do.