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Because every challenge ~ Has a solution at InvitedHome

If InvitedHome is the only property management company you’ve ever known, you understand why our sophisticated signature services are already leading the industry. But for those who’ve tested a new relationship with a competing company, it comes as no surprise that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Any number of new problems and challenges can begin to quickly mount. Sure, every vacation home has a set intrinsic value, but InvitedHomeowners recognize that our unrivaled appreciation and unparalleled care for their home is worth so much more.

The CAUSE: Homeowner Leaves for Lower Management Fee

Sometimes the allure of lower management fees can feel far too tempting to prevent your keen business eye from wandering. Far be it from us to discourage taking a seemingly better deal. InvitedHome always aspires to maximize your return on investment, and if you believe you’ll find that elsewhere, we understand. But because we hold transparency in such high regard, first know that - with InvitedHome - you’ll never experience hidden fees. And with our purpose-built HomeCraft™ Dashboard, you’ll be able to clearly see the customized Cash, Care and Communication you receive...always as advertised.

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The EFFECT: Homeowner Returns 8 Months Later

On the surface, the technology and services of this homeowner’s new rental management company seemed to be on par with what InvitedHome was providing. But as this homeowner soon discovered, transparency, communication and care of her beautiful home was anything but. The booking strategy for her home quickly digressed. Gone were the longer guest stays, and a lack of communication persisted. Maintenance was sacrificed as a result. And with longer reservations at reliable rental rates now a thing of the past, it became virtually impossible to keep the home in good shape. And “they used expensive vendors” without her approval, sacrificing the trusted, constant care that her beautiful home demanded and deserved - and received with InvitedHome.

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The CASE SOLUTION: Stop Worrying about Accountability

Lower management fees aren’t always what they seem. When you’re getting charged for every little detail for your rental management services, they quickly add up. So upon comparing and contrasting her revenue stream and caretaker charges, this homeowner soon realized the fees they charged for small maintenance and repairs proved much greater than InvitedHome’s in the long run. Plus, “they didn't offer the great customer/owner service, communication, or value-conscious decisions that we find with you,” the returning InvitedHomeowner said. To which we say, “it’s good to have you back.”

In order to protect our homeowners’ anonymity, actual names have been removed to respect their privacy.

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