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Your home is unique ~ How it’s cared for should be, too

When it comes to the maintenance and care of your beautiful home, our philosophy is a simple one: be proactive, not always reactive. When it comes down to simplicity, though, the process itself is anything but. In order to be as meticulous as we are when it comes to the care we provide, we adhere to several carefully-crafted steps in order to productively preserve the high standards you’ve justifiably set for your high-end vacation rental.

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Taking Stock

From inspection to inventory ~ The process begins immediately

As an integral part of the onboarding process, a pre-partnership inspection takes place. Each precious item, each major appliance and each unique piece of furniture is accounted for and carefully entered into our purpose-built Work Order System (WOS) powered by HomeCraft ™which, in turn, automatically organizes and coordinates housekeeping and maintenance visits from that point forward. This detailed modus operandi is critical to not only creating a consistent experience when a guest is in your home, but also to ensuring that very same joy is had well into the future.

Checking In and Out

Vigilant arrival and departure inspections ~ No matter what

At InvitedHome, we make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Our proprietary HomeCraft™ suite of technology helps us do just that. Maintenance, housekeeping, inventory, and staging inspections are all promptly scheduled before each guest arrives and upon their departure. It’s at this point that we determine what maintenance is needed immediately, and what should be scheduled in the near future. The status of your home updates are then added into our WOS, and can be accessed online - at any time - through our Homeowner Dashboard in HomeCraft. Even the most minor details are accounted for, thus keeping you rightfully informed of how your home is exactly being cared for with maximum transparency.

Planning Ahead

If it can happen to your home ~ We’re always prepared

We are firm believers that preventative maintenance is as important as unexpected repairs. Perhaps even more so when considering how large ticket items in your home can eventually create an equally large reparation expense. Rest assured, at InvitedHome, we pride ourselves on thinking of all potential incidentals and instances ahead of time. Beginning with the hundreds of pages of home information we preload into the WOS during the onboarding process, we create what we call a customized data map of all common things that could happen in your home. The WOS will then keep both you and InvitedHome updated on all annual and seasonal services needed. Think climate-influenced preparations like air conditioning services, patio furniture cleaning or storage, and pool winterization. We set our schedule of services and inspections accordingly.

A Strategic Approach

Preserving your home's value ~ for the long term

Our preventative maintenance plan is a part of a larger program that sustains the long-term value of your home. In addition to taking a proactive approach to maintenance, we also determine the ideal nightly rate given projected occupancies to maximize revenue while minimizing wear and tear. Through this approach, we not only preserve the financial value of your home, but the emotional value as well. Your second home is yours to use and cherish, and we'll make sure it always stays that way.

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Ongoing Analysis

While we initially work from either a beach destination template or a mountain/ski destination template, the similarities stop there. Once all InvitedHome destination standards have been applied, every maintenance plan is based on the home’s location, future occupancy, rental permit requirements, and makes/models of its furnishings. So while we will always have a customized blueprint for the individual care of your home, the strategy and its ensuing implementation is malleable. The one single constant, however? The attention to detail and prearranged peace of mind we’ll always provide to you and your high-end home. For additional information, please contact a Homeowner Experience team member at (855) 666-8064.

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