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The personal preferences ~ That give owners peace of mind

What is it about vacation homeownership that brings you so much joy? More importantly, what could your property management company be doing to help make you enjoy it even more? Because chances are, the team at InvitedHome already has an inspired solution in place.

Take a concept as simple as convenience. When we polled a sample group of InvitedHomeowners, we quickly discovered the term has a different meaning to different people. As it should. Every owner has unique personal goals and aspirations for their high-end home, and the little nuances and intricacies that make those aspirations a reality should be properly attended to both proactively and productively. Here are just a few of the many ways InvitedHome can do just that.

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Effortless - Let’s begin with the basics. Onboarding with a new vacation rental management company should be as easy as kicking back and relaxing in your upscale home. Using a meticulous Work Order System powered by the proprietary suite of technology called HomeCraft™, the Operations Team runs through a lengthy checklist that spares no detail when entering home features into the system, and customizes the setup and presentation of your property in the manner that you choose. This is done each and every time you and your guests visit.

Comfortable - It’s all about your personal preferences. What makes you feel comfortable when you’re in your vacation home? Maybe you take solace in the fact that the hot tub is clean, the kitchen has everything you need to make your next delicious meal, or the linens have been properly laundered. Perhaps it’s something as simple as knowing all of your textiles are in order and the right pillows are carefully placed on the right couch. HomeCraft ensures all that and more is happening before anyone even walks through the door. After all, we love it when you do.

Simplified - InvitedHome does all of the thinking ahead of time, so you don’t have to. All of those preemptive plans and detailed outlines are then housed in the easily accessible Owner Dashboard of HomeCraft, which is of course available online, anytime. Whether you want to check in on how InvitedHome is keeping your home beautiful, how your investment is performing financially, or how many guests are coming and going and what we’re up to in between, you’ll always find it in our easy-to-understand, purpose-built system.

Personalized - Perhaps the best analogy we heard when asking around to our homeowners on the topic of convenience, was from a relatively new owner whose property has been with InvitedHome for less than a year. He likened it to buying a really nice suit. “When you first put it on, sure it looks nice, but it obviously doesn’t fit,” he says. “But after a series of tweaks and careful alterations, that same suit fits impeccably.” And that’s just what we do here, tailoring the Cash, Care, and Communication of your unforgettable home to work perfectly for you.

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Leave behind the little stresses that can cause big headaches, and leave all of the details to InvitedHome. You should alway have confidence in the convenience of your luxury property management company. From personal requests like having freshly cut flowers as the centerpiece of your dining room table or stocking the fridge with your favorite beer, to the the intricacies of inspections, maintenance and upkeep standards, they are all always treated with equal importance here. Because what you might choose to call an inconvenience, never is to us. For a complimentary rental management consultation, please call (855)-666-8064 today.

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