The High Touch of HomeCraft™

Cash, Care and Communication ~ And the teams behind the scenes

HomeCraft™ is InvitedHome’s unique approach to vacation rental management and care. It’s the curation of industry-leading hospitality management, revenue, technology, and marketing experts along with the standards, systems and technologies tailor-made and purpose-built with owners who have invested in homes of distinction in mind. And each and every one is working for you.

From an intuitive Homeowner Dashboard and easy-to-understand revenue management system to cutting-edge technologies, high-touch support teams, and customized home-optimization strategies, InvitedHome helps ensure that the immense joy your vacation home brings you continues into our high-end property management space. HomeCraft is what makes it all possible. Here’s how:


More visibility and bookings ~ Leads to more revenue

Generating extra revenue from your illustrious vacation home is a top priority at InvitedHome. Our success in this endeavor becomes yours. From innovative marketing strategies that increase exposure to your home to generating the best nightly rates throughout the year, HomeCraft always keeps you informed on how your home  is performing financially. It is with this kind of transparency that we can customize your homeownership goals and pricing preferences, and incorporate them accordingly. We want to show you that our relationship is a partnership, and not solely transactional. We’re readily available to discuss your ever-evolving revenue objectives at any point.


Proactive operations ~ To protect your treasured investment

Our proprietary Work Order System helps keep your home beautiful. HomeCraft acts as your eyes and ears to show how we’re taking meticulously great care of it. We are making sure that your home stays in top shape to warrant top-dollar revenue, and we’re also anticipating and correcting unforeseen opportunities for improvement that if left uncorrected might lead to a negative experience for you or your guests. The HomeCraft™ Homeowner Dashboard will keep you informed of all coordinated housekeeping, maintenance and inspection visits so nothing falls through the cracks. It’s your worry-free viewpoint into how we’re managing the intricacies that keep your home in pristine shape. Even when you’re not there.


A responsive support team ~ In real time, anytime

Of course, any great partnership has a human element to it. The Homeownership Experience Team provides just that. They keep a pulse on the Cash aspect of your home, bringing it to the immediate attention of our Revenue Management Team should the home not be performing to meet your goals. They’re available to you full-time and by pretty much every contact method available, and aim to get to know you on a personal level to best understand your individual needs. We know you’re busy, so in addition to the HomeCraft Dashboard communicating all revenue data and maintenance plans for your home 24/7, your Homeowner Experience Specialist provides a single point of contact for anything additional you may require or request. Whether it’s a special maintenance project you’ve been wanting to complete, a question about your home’s upcoming occupancy levels, or just a request for a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge on your next arrival, let us know. We make sure all your needs are not only met, but actively exceeded.

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