The InvitedHomeowner Advantage

Vacation home management ~ Elevated

When it comes to your high-end vacation home, the joy filled moments, unexpected laughter and unforgettable memories - those are uniquely yours. The unparalleled care, unrivaled expertise and purpose-built technology - well, that's uniquely ours. But when the two are working together? It's a genuinely rare combination and collaboration, all its own.

Purpose-Built from the Beginning

Proprietary talent ~ Proprietary technology

Think of everything a vacation home management company does (or should be doing) for your unique, high-end second home. Now take it a step even further. From our innovative technology solutions in HomeCraft™ that manage the entire booking, management, and revenue-generation process to our high-touch team curated from leading hospitality brands all around the world, only InvitedHome can provide forward-thinking solutions combined with the personalized expertise you should expect from your rental management services. This is what we’ve strived to achieve from day one, and now your day has come to reap the rewards for your patience and receive the Cash, Care, and Communication you desire and deserve. 

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A Tailored Approach from the Start

Customized strategies ~ Aligned to your goals and home

We train our staff to make sure everyone who is communicating with you or the guests in your home are an expert in their individual field and on your home. This approach provides tremendous depth to our operations. We don’t just go into your home to make sure it’s clean. We don’t just book guests through our website. Instead, we proudly apply a more personalized touch. It includes carefully vetting each guest who wants to stay in your home, ensuring they are indeed the right fit before accepting their reservation. In short, we actually get to know them first. As a result, we attract more families looking to relax in your elegant home, rather than party the night away. And you can trust you’ll have that peace of mind with every stay.

The extensive checklist in our Work Order System (WOS) is unique to every home as well, and features more than 1,000 service standards and points of interest. That allows us to pay astute attention to even the most subliminal details like dust on your artwork frames, clutter under the beds, positioning of pillows, and ensuring each and every drawer or cabinet holds the amenity or gadget it’s supposed to. You might not think this is a big deal if you’ve only known InvitedHome, but if you’ve had experience with other vacation rental companies, you unfortunately know how big of a deal it really is. 

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Transparency Never Stops

The power of HomeCraft ~ The clarity of communication

Worry not. The more fiscally valuable details are taken care of too, and in the most clear and concise manner possible. While the competition is out approaching everything at face value - “oh, there’s a problem in the home, let’s fix it” - we actually tell you when there’s a problem with your home, and ideally well in advance of any necessary repair. We help you plan for when you need that new roof, an updated dishwasher or to check on that water heater, so you can allocate the funds proactively with no unnecessary surprises. Just how do we help you plan, you might ask? The plan for your home, including capital expenses,  is readily available online as part of the HomeCraft Owner Dashboard.

Your progress towards your financial goals for your home is of course visible within HomeCraft as well. You’ll always have online access to how your home is performing and the revenue it’s generating with one scroll of your desktop or mobile device. 

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Unparalleled Support Through and Through

Technology, talent and training ~ All with you in mind

InvitedHome’s proprietary approach to high-end property management continues over into our talent and training. Not only do we hire the best across multiple industries, we train them using an extremely comprehensive program to ensure each person who steps into your signature home has the proper tools and knowledge to succeed. With a Homeowner Experience specialist available via phone, email, or chat through HomeCraft, any questions, thoughts, or concerns are always answered in a timely and thorough fashion. Our business cards may say InvitedHome - but the truth is - every single one of our team members are ultimately working for you.

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Purpose-built vacation rental management software, innovative marketing strategies, and property management experts that actually live in your destination, all supported by some of the most experienced professionals in the hospitality and real estate industries. Find out why our technology sets us apart…but it’s our people who bring us together. We’re InvitedHome, a vacation property management company ~ as unique as your home. For additional information, please contact a Homeowner Experience team member at (855) 666-8064.

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