Where To Buy A Vacation Home in West Maui

Discover the condo community ~ That best suits your soul

First the bad news. Yes, even an island paradise that boasts nearly 300 days of sunshine each year can have what some might deem “bad news.” Not at InvitedHome, however. When someone tell us there is nary a neighborhood of single-family homes that are also available for short-term vacation rentals, this does not come as a disappointment. On the contrary. If we were a potential homeowner looking for the perfect spot worthy of our family’s joy and delight, we’d see it as an opportunity. And homeownership opportunities are flourishing when you choose to look all along West Maui’s north shore condo communities. You just have to know where to look.

Choosing A Location

Condos for short-term rentals ~ That are high on amenities

When it comes to purchasing a condominium on the northwest part of the island, it’s not about if they offer enough amenities for potential owners. Chance are, they do. This is Maui, after all. So rather than becoming preoccupied on how many they offer, we recommend focusing on the specific comforts you believe will enhance the enjoyment of your new high-end condo Because homeownership in Maui is all about the broad range of your upscale tastes. Whether your goal is to minimize the distance between you and the golf course or maximize your return on investment, these are the condominium complexes we believe can fit every personality of every family. And that includes the short-term guests you choose to share it with, too.

Honua Kai Resort -  Well-known for its luxury shopping, prime beaches, top-rated restaurants and an active nightlife around the corner in Lahaina, the North Ka’anapali region has everything one needs in a Maui vacation destination. And the Honua Kai Resort is the newest one in it. With its state-of-the-art aquatic playground, delicious on-site dining options, and a boardwalk leading directly to the south end of the ever-popular Ka’anapali Beach, Honua Kai is a robust, family-friendly condo community that happily welcomes short-term renters with their unique Aloha spirit.

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Ka’anapali Ali’i - Looking for something a little closer to the high-end boutiques, restaurants, museums and activities of Whaler’s Village? Those amenities certainly can draw short-term renters, too. At Ka’anapali Ali’i, you’ll find comparable yet uniquely different amenities like direct access to the much-loved South Ka’anapali Beach, a close proximity to the popular snorkeling and cliff-jumping spot at Black Rock, and the legendary Robert Trent Jones-designed golf courses just steps away.

The Whaler on Ka’anapali Beach - Of course, you may want to be even closer to all the action happening in Whaler’s Village. We can’t blame you. Here, you can be close to it all while still finding time to escape for a peaceful moment along the meandering walkways, in the oceanfront pool, or by the serenity-inducing Koi pond. And with their expansive resort condominium suites, finding the right size condo for you and your future short-term guests should be easy as the very breeze you enjoy from your new lanai.

Kapalua Villas - One of the first condominium complexes in the area, the Kapalua Villas are divided into three distinct sections that are indicative of that community’s name. The Bay Villas are located closest to the beach in Kapalua, while the Ridge Villas lie in a more elevated area and thus boast some of the best views. As for the Kapalua Golf Villas, we bet you can guess what the allure is for the part of the resort. All are close to multiple popular beaches, top-rated restaurants, refreshing pools, unexpected trails and a slightly cooler climate due to the northern island location.

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Homeownership in Maui

A paradise of perfection no matter what condo complex you decide to call your vacation home, homeownership on the northern shores of West Maui means instant access to a lifestyle that you could previously only dream about. With that dream now a within-reach reality, there is a plethora of waterfront vacation homes to endlessly enjoy or utilize as a prosperous investment. Here at InvitedHome, we suggest you do both. Now that you know the best communities for short-term rentals in northwestern Maui, ask your local realtor to help you find the best one for you. Should you also need help finding a trustworthy realtor, well, InvitedHome can help with that too. Just give us a call at 855-666-8064, and we’ll be happy to share our recommendations.

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