The tall windows and high ceilings of knotty pine will make you feel at one with nature.

Welcome to camp, where you decide who the counselors are.

The grounds are lush with green in the summer (and bright with white snow in the winter).

There are no lifeguards on duty at Base Camp's hot tub.

Base Camp's large deck is the perfect place to gather your group before heading out for the day.

At night, the gathering can continue around the fire in Base Camp's cozy living room.

The beautiful countertops and stainless steel appliances will certainly help with that too.

There is seating for 4 at the kitchen table (with a few extra chairs stowed away), plus plenty of seating outside for summer dining.

Base Camp is home to the fullest kitchen on the property.

The guests staying in Base Camp will also enjoy the privacy of a king bed in the open loft.

The full bath in Base Camp has both a single sink and spacious walk-in steam shower.

The small study in Base Camp separates the main living space from the bath. There's some hooks and benches to make removing ski gear easy for you.

Wondering why the second cabin is named Two Trees?

The woodwork in Two Trees is carefully crafted. The luxury of the queen bed and mounted flat screen allow for ultimate relaxation.

Two Trees boast a kitchenette, TV, and full bathroom just off to the side.

The bathroom has that modern feel, but a quick peek out the window will remind you just where you are. The heated floors will warm your toes on a cold day.

Welcome to Carriage House, complete with a queen bed and plenty of natural light.

Carriage House has an adjacent kitchenette and full bath as well.

You will enjoy the kitchenette in Carriage House and the small dining area for two. Late night snacks may be on the menu.

The TV is visible from the bed and the dining area. Heated floors and a single stall shower complete this lovely space.

Upper Dave's is another perfect spot for two.

The queen bed in your final cabin, Upper Daves, has a studio-like feel.

You'll have a chance to enjoy the cozy atmosphere provided by the woodstove and wall mounted TV. Let a fire in the evening lull you to sleep.

The full kitchen in Upper Dave's is more than adequate to cook up a meal for two.

Cabins represent a truly unique vacation experience in Lake Tahoe. Close enough where all can gather together, but allows for separation when desired.

The exteriors can be rather deceiving, don't you think?

Carnelian Bay Tahoe

Houston Camp Your base camp for the ideal family retreat

  • Master Bedroom
  • Two Trees Guest Bedroom
  • Carriage House Guest Bedroom
  • Upper Dave's Guest Bedroom
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 8
  • 4 Full Bathrooms
  • 1701 FT2
  • 3 Parking Spaces
  • house
Set amidst a dense Alpine forest, engulfed in a sea of Pine trees that spiral 50 feet into the heavens, Houston Camp provides solace amidst Mother Nature’s scenic mountain beauty. Quaking Aspens and White Firs flank this four-cabin property in North Lake Tahoe. Sugar Pines blanket the perimeter. In the winter, frost glistens in the afternoon sun. In the summer, a melody of birds beckons you into a state of utter relaxation.

It’s here. At this resplendent Utopian retreat, where you’ll be one with nature. It’ll welcome you with open arms. A place where you can recharge your weary batteries. Where you can rest and relax and enjoy some much-needed downtime no matter what time of year you arrive. Here. Amidst 1,702 square feet (158 square meters) of interiors. You’ll discover a cozy escape from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

Carved amongst the flagstone and spruce, on a plot of grass-covered land, Houston Camp is a rustic mecca. It’s a haven for those looking to return to the simplicity of life. An ideal location for up to 8 guests looking for an escape replete with old-world charm. A throwback to a time when life’s complexities were replaced by simple pleasures. It’s here that you’ll discover the true beauty of North Lake Tahoe, just a heartbeat away from the lake.

This camp exudes charm. It’s the perfect location. Just a moment from the lake. Just minutes from the slopes. Everything you could ever want is here. The cabins surround a grassy knoll. The vibrant green grass offers soulitude in the summer months. It’s a place to rest your head with your hands clasped behind your head. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature that surround you.

It’s a place where life slows down. The dazzle and speed of your 9-to-5 life is replaced with the slow mountain pace you’ll discover here in Lake Tahoe. These cabins are a place you can call home. Whether for days. Weeks. Or even for a month or more at a time.
...(see more)Their rustic camp-like charm exudes a sense of class. It’s a place where simple luxuries effortlessly meet their rustic counterparts.

Houston Camp is a unique departure from the typical cabin. Four structures uniquely combined on a one-of-a-kind property. Two outdoor hot tubs warmly invite residents during bitter cold winters. It’s a chance to experience Tahoe life in a setting that transcends the imagination. One where simplicity and charm usurp the grand luxuries and galant extravaganzas seen in other homes in the area.

Upon arrival, Base Camp welcomes you. It embraces you into its fold. The anchor of this land-based ship. It’s where the group gathers in front of a crackling fire. Where natural stone is flanked by wood beams. Where ceilings vault and beams of wood jutt across overhead. Earth tones fill the space. Beneath you, a warm Persian-inspired rug. Browns and deep blues and muted reds dominate the surroundings.

In the corner, an ornate stand, boasting inlaid woods, perfectly situated to house a flat-screen television. Beneath it, a state-of-the-art sound bar. An elegant space to watch television or simply to unwind. Above, where the walls angle and vault, two windows let in natural light. Watch the beautiful Pines swaying in the distance as you relax comfortably in front of a warm fire.

Brown leather sofas and reclining chairs are pitted with ottomans. A place where you can kick your feet up. Where you’re immersed in the charm of white floral arrangements that deeply contrast the dark stains of wood and beamed ceilings and walls. Unique art covers the walls. Above the hand-carved mantle, framed art. A skier catching a gondola to the peak. To its right, a sign. “Welcome to the cabin.”

It’s an invitation to explore. To round the bend and peak the corners. Wall sconces and table lamps set the mood. Their warm glow provides a cozy cabin feeling. Rather than sinking into the rich brown leather sofa or the stately armchairs, you head into an inviting kitchen. Cloudy white granite countertops swirl with specks of black and darker shades of grey.

The kitchen gleams with stainless steel fixtures and appliances. A full-sized fridge provides ample storage for food for the entire group. Custom Oak cabinetry lines the galley-style kitchen. Wall sconces hang effortlessly above the sink. Overhead, the beamed ceiling covered in can lighting. It glitters in the evening. On the floor, authentic oak planks are interrupted by a brown-and-cream-colored area rug that hovers near the sink.

Large picture windows bring in more light. Beneath one, a simple four-person table pressed against the wall. Nearby, a professional gas-range-topped oven for whipping up meals. Above it, a stainless-steel microwave. Overhead, an open loft. A king bed rests elegantly beneath an angled space. Walls press against each other at a 50-degree angle, peaking at the center of the bed.

At the base of a bed, a fuzzy charcoal-and-grey area rug. It hugs the edge. Floats gently over the Oak planks. The nightstands boast custom table lamps carved from natural branches. Soft white shades emit more warmth in this space. Downstairs, a bathroom. The walk-in steam shower is encased in glass and muted brown stones. The polished look provides more contrast in this rustic cabin.

Base Camp also boasts an additional room. It separates the main living space from the bathroom. In one corner, a desk with a brown leather office chair. On the table, a glass and steel table lamp. On the floor, a large area rug covers most of the Oak planks. Hooks and benches make the room ideal for removing your ski gear in this multipurpose room.

The cabins are lifted from ground level by a large stone foundation. Stone steps lead up to the landing where you’ll discover Base Camp and its nearby structures. Each carefully placed and connected with beautiful stone walkways. Above, trees engulf you. They surround the cabins like an army approaching its enemy from all sides. It’s a violent explosion of Pine needles and branches and earth’s most natural elements.

Adjacent to Base Camp, off to its left, you’ll discover Two Trees. Its door is flanked by two centuries-old Pine trees. They spiral majestically into the clouds. Two reclining arm chairs are off to the sides. The faded red paint draws the eye away from the green cabin’s exterior. Inside Two Trees, a carefully crafted interior. Beams of wood surround the walls and ceilings and floors.

The angled roof draws the eye. It pitches and vaults above the queen bed. The elegant headboard curves cracefull. Its brown leather weathered with love. On the wall, a framed statement. “Just go jump in the lake.” At its base, a leather bench for dressing in the morning or removing your snow gear on return from the slopes. On the wall, a mounted flat-screen television.

Two Trees also boasts a kitchenette. A small table with two chairs provides a cozy nook for enjoying a brief meal or morning coffee. A small fridge with microwave lets you prepare simple meals. A sink with a framed mirror hangs overhead. A chandelier at the center of the room depicts the Alpine forest with animals roaming on its four sides. Brass and cloudy glass offer a muted glow in the evenings.

Two trees also houses a complete bathroom. The modern shower has elegant fixtures and is encased in polished ceramics. The colors complement the Oak woods that surround the balance of the space. On cold and frosty days, your feet toast on the heated floors. An elegant luxury that offers a sincere departure from the rustic style found in North Lake Tahoe cabin.

Nearby, a third cabin invites you into its cozy interior. Call Carriage House, it boasts another queen bed. Large picture windows let in an abundance of natural light fills the space. Overhead, the ceilings vault. Brass wall sconces flank the bed. Their frosted glass emits a warm effervescence in the space. Nearby, another kitchenette. Similar to Two Trees, a fridge and microwave dominate one corner. In another, an elegant Pine table with foldable walnut-stained wood chairs.

On the wall of Carriage House, another flat-screen television hangs near the bathroom door. Inside, heated floors. A stall shower is the perfect escape for freshening up no matter what the occasion. The small bathroom detaches your dependency from Base Camp. Each cabin provides a self-sustaining enclosure for enjoying Tahoe life without having to rely on the other structures.

The final cabin you’ll discover here is Upper Dave’s. A small exterior patio invites you in. Set on a stone foundation, it’s surrounded by a bright white bannister. The oak door is framed in crimson red. The exterior, more forest green that echos the other cabins. Inside, the ceiling vaults again. A queen bed lives elegantly beneath the angled roof. A small loft landing rests above. Nearby, an elegant light dangles.

Two Dave’s boasts a studio quality. The room has an elegant throw rug. Two foldable chairs and a table rests nearby. On the wall, above the bed, framed pictures boasts black and white floral arrangements. Near it, a framed mirror on the other side of the door that leads into the bathroom. In the corner, a wood stove warms the space. In the other corner, a flat-screen television, pitting more new-world refinements with old-world classics.

Upper Dave’s boasts a full kitchen. Unlike Two Trees and Carriage House, both which boast kitchenettes, Upper Dave’s offers an adequate space for preparing a proper meal. Complete with microwave, electric cooktop and fridge, you’ll find all the amenities necessary for cooking up a storm here. Combined with the other cabins, it presents a unique vacation rental experience in Lake Tahoe.

Houston Camp is aptly named due to this camp-like configuration. It’s an environment that feels uniquely separated while also being harmoniously united. Spend your time here escaping into one of these well-equipped cabins or gathering with the entire group in Base Camp. Either way you, you’ll find that Houston Camp is also ideally located just a moment away from the northern coast of the lake in Ridgewood.

In the winter months, you’ll find three separate mountains and their snowy slopes just a heartbeat away. Travel up towards the luxurious Northstar Resort or down towards Squaw Peak or Ward Peak. Whether you’re interested in skiing or snowboarding, each of these mountains provide an exhilarating outlet for wintery fun. And we know a thing or two about each of the nuances of all the mountains.

In the summer, Lake Tahoe is steps away. Take a scenic bike ride around its 72-mile circumference. Or, frolic amidst its azure-hued waters. Spend a day on its golden sands with your entire family. Soak in a sun-soaked getaway that will leave you reminiscent for ages. It’s truly the ideal escape no matter what time of year you’re looking to getaway to this sought-after destination.

From wildflower hikes to the Autumn Food and Wine Festival, there is always something to do in North Lake Tahoe. From Fourth of July celebrations in the summer to enjoying the festivities of the Holidays in the winter. There truly is something for everyone here.

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