Luggage, Equipment and Package Shipping with InvitedHome

Lighten the load of luggage and skis / gear during travel. Tired of lugging luggage and bulky gear during vacation? InvitedHome can assist in shipping luggage, ski equipment and packages to arrive at the desired destination. Make life easier by traveling without the hassle of carting around cumbersome items.

How to ship with InvitedHome:

  1. Contact or 720.537.1661 with shipping requests.

  2. Provide Name on Reservation, return home address, phone number and credit card information. Shipping prior to arrival, custom arrangements can be made. For return shipping, InvitedHome will coordinate with necessary shipping companies.

  3. $25 per package for receiving and delivery, plus the cost of shipping will be charged to the credit card. Please note based on size and weight, etc, additional fees may apply.

Travel with Ease, and know InvitedHome is taking care of the rest.