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At InvitedHome, our Breckenridge vacation rental management services are built on three principles: Cash, Care, and Communication. We’ve been operating in Breckenridge for years, and have always exceeded the high standards of care luxury homeowners in the area have come to expect. Check out our current list of Breckenridge vacation rentals to see what we look for in a mountain home.

We’re more than just a Breckenridge property management company. Our local Breckenridge teams will handle the inventory inspections, planned maintenance schedules, customized housekeeping instructions, and everything else that goes into caring for your home, but our Boulder Support Center is working hard for you, too. Here, we leverage our international audience to get your home in front of the right guests.

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Revenue Management

We use a dynamic pricing model that generates the best daily rate for your home based on factors like demand, seasonality, local events, guests’ length of stay, and more. We have extensive experience in the Breckenridge vacation rental market, and know what events drive high short-term demand, how to handle shoulder seasons, and more location-specific factors.

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Listing Optimization Process

By combining our local Breckenridge expertise, our proprietary technology, and your dedicated marketing team, we can increase your home's visibility across all listing sites. InvitedHome's listing optimization process has resulted in a four-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot home averaging 987 views every month.

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Work Order System

Your Breckenridge team is committed to ensuring nothing ever falls through the cracks when it comes to caring for your home. We'll automatically organize and coordinate all housekeeping and preventative maintenance visits, ensuring it's always ready for you and your guests and preserving its long-term value.

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Owner Dashboard

Take full advantage of the Owner Dashboard, where you can see how your home is performing financially, how we're caring for it, and more. All this is available in real-time, anytime.

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Our High Touch Breckenridge Team

Your Breckenridge team is always there when you need them, for anything you, your home, or your guests may need. You'll also have access to our Boulder Support Center for any further questions about revenue management, home care, or how we're marketing your home to increase visibility.

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Virtual Binder

To ensure your guests have the best Breckenridge vacation experience possible, we’ll put together a virtual binder that acts as an intuitive, online user manual. This way, you can feel confident that your guests know how to use and care for all your home’s unique amenities.

Breckenridge Homeowner Testimonials

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial on Choosing InvitedHome

Finding a rental management company that you trust can be an overwhelming experience. Find out why Judy felt confident choosing InvitedHome for all her property management needs. 

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial | Breckenridge Owner on Guest Experience

"We want guests to feel that this is their home away from home," Sherry tells us. How your guests are treated throughout their stay is just as important to us as it is to you. Find out how we do it here. 

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial | Breckenridge Owners on Communication

See why these homeowners love our constant communication - and how InvitedHome handled it when they forgot their keys. 

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial | Breckenridge Owners on Care

"We always feel welcome. They always leave us a bottle of wine, which is even more welcoming," Sherry tells us with a laugh. See how we take care of both you and your home as a rental management company. 

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial | Choosing InvitedHome

Find out all the reasons why Judy chose InvitedHome after interviewing with eight different vacation rental management companies. 

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InvitedHome Owner Testimonial on the Peak 2 Fire

When a fire broke out on Breckenridge's Peak 2, InvitedHome was quick to act. See how much this communication meant to these homeowners. 

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Meet Your Local Breckenridge Team

We're always close by

Whether you forgot your keys, an unexpected storm snows you in, or you're away from the home and need us to check on something, our Breckenridge destination team is there to help. We've assembled a crew with years of experience in the Colorado hospitality industry, who will serve as your go-to contacts for any on-the-ground operations.

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Breckenridge's Principles of Vacation Home Management

Every vacation home management company should deliver cash, care, and communication. That means generating revenue, ensuring the care and long-term value of the home, and providing responsive, transparent customer service. Powered by HomeCraft and our team of industry professionals that consistently outperform the competition, the difference is not only what we do - it's also how we do it.

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Breckenridge's Approach to CASH

We are firmly entrenched in the Breckenridge vacation rental market, and leverage this knowledge to maximize your rental revenue. We'll listen to your needs and goals as a vacation homeowner, and develop a custom asset management plan unique to you. Our HomeCraft technology helps us develop the best daily rate for your home, while your marketing team will work constantly to increase visibility, interest, and bookings. At the end of the day, this all means more revenue for you.

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Breckenridge's Approach to CARE

We know how distinct your Breckenridge vacation home is from all the others. Your home deserves a system of care that recognizes all of its unique features, which we accomplish by customizing housekeeping instructions, creating guest manuals that show them how to use and care for your home's features, scheduling inventory inspections, and more. All of this ensures your home is always ready for you and your guests, and carefully preserves its long-term value.

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Breckenridge's Approach to COMMUNICATION

Communication is key to the proper management of your high-end home, so we’re always available to you. With our HomeCraft technology, you’ll have real-time access to guest reservations, when preventative and necessary maintenance is scheduled, current revenue, and more. You'll also have a dedicated Homeowner Experience team, so if you ever have questions, you can give us a call or send us an email. We'll always be there for you.

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HomeCraft Dashboard Transparency & Control

As a Breckenridge homeowner with InvitedHome, you'll have 24-hour access to the HomeCraft Dashboard, where you can see exactly how your home is performing financially. The dashboard also reports on cleaning appointments, routine inspections, and maintenance calls, so you can always track its performance in real-time, anytime.

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