The Showing Strategy

When you have a buyer that wants to see a home which is also rented there is often friction.  Dealing with uncooperative guests, management companies that aren’t motivated – many that actually sell real estate – and homeowners with shifting priorities – they want to sell but also want the revenue. 

We have created a dedicated program specifically for this pain point called The Showing Strategy.  When a home in our portfolio is for sale and you wish to show it, we will communicate with the guests in stay on your behalf.  We can do this because we have already communicated with transparency to both the homeowner and the guest that a showing could take place during their stay taking the “surprise” away.  For their inconvenience there will be an accommodation such as 50% off their first night’s stay, lift tickets, local gift certificates that are all arranged in advance. 

To schedule a showing within 24-hours email: