April 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Sarah in Lake Tahoe

Let's Celebrate ~ Sarah's Birthday

This month, we’re celebrating Sarah’s birthday!

Sarah is our Real Estate Manager out in Lake Tahoe. She joined our team a little over a year ago and has been awesome out in Lake Tahoe ever since. Sarah is an important member of our team and has loved getting to experience different sides of our business. She initially found out about InvitedHome when she reached out to our Vice President of Operations, Chris Sewell. Her and Chris had worked together in the past and when she decided to move out to the Tahoe area she got in touch to see what opportunities were available for her.

There are a lot of cool things to learn about Sarah. Firstly, she rides a Ducati Scrambler Classic around the lake everyday. She also took a solo trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco, ending in Palm Springs. “The trip was invigorating, thrilling and empowering,” she says.

During her time with InvitedHome Sarah has worn many hats. She started out as our Hospitality Manager and enjoyed learning about the role of a manager. Within eight months she was promoted to a higher position with more responsibilities and eventually moved into her current role. The move into the Real Estate role was unexpected, and she dove right in. She immediately enjoyed her new position and has really shaped the Real Estate role, out in Tahoe.

Her favorite home of ours is the Winding Creek Estate out in the Squaw Valley Area. She onboarded the home when she was working on the operations team out in Tahoe. She says, “The modern amenities, comfortable and inviting vibe and the natural setting make it the perfect place for a vacation.  It is so close to Squaw Valley which hosts both winter and summer events.”

Sarah loves living out in Tahoe because it’s a great small town, is close to San Francisco, and there are plenty of alpine roads where she can zip around on her motorcycle.

One of our core values that resonates most with Sarah is the idea of “Treating People Like Humans”. As a Real Estate Manager, Sarah interacts and communicates with lots of people each and every day. Building our brand, making an impact in the local community, and connecting with people around town are her main focuses. Listening to people and allowing them to voice their concerns is her primary goal. She wants to make everyone feel heard and really enjoys getting to know them. Treating people like humans and not transactions is a key part of our business and Sarah embodies this value.

Happy birthday Sarah and thanks for all your hard work!

Here's Sarah and her Ducati next to the lake!

And a Little More Celebration!

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Zach in Breckenridge

Let's Celebrate ~ Zach's InvitedHome Anniversary

This month we have some exciting news coming from Central Colorado...it’s Zach’s 1-year InvitedHome Anniversary! Zach is a 3rd-generation Colorado native and is our Regional Director of Operations for the Colorado Mountain Region.

Zach first heard about InvitedHome when he was job hunting after leaving Inspirato. He looked at the competitive landscape and InvitedHome stood out as the industry leader. One of the things Zach enjoys most is being part of a growing startup that is free from corporate procedure and bureaucracy.

During his time with InvitedHome, Zach has gotten to act as the “destination CEO” as he calls it and has gotten to learn the business and destinations intimately. He’s enjoyed learning each homeowner’s nuances and preferences and being sure that all needs are met. This spring he was able to go down to West Florida in order to help our destination team deal with the high guest volume associated with spring break. The high volume of work has allowed Zach and his teammates to grow tremendously and many of the destination staff have seen their hard work pay off in the form of promotions!

Zach’s favorite home in West Florida is Chez Fleur. This home, is quite popular amongst our teammates; maybe it’s because of the backyard beach boardwalk, or maybe it’s the linen curtains gently blowing in the sea breeze. Whatever it is, this home is gem.

West Florida isn’t the only place where Zach has a favorite home. Villa Mendia in Telluride is a massive 5,000 square foot home! A rugged stone exterior meets a warm, modern cabin interior with fireplaces in every room. Aspen trees in the backyard give way to views of the San Juan Mountains. It’s easy to see why Zach loves this home!

In his free time, Zach (an avid outdoorsmen) enjoys fly fishing on a spring or fall morning and says there’s nothing like fishing freestone streams across Colorado. Living and working in the mountains has allowed Zach to maintain a pretty great work-life balance. During the summer time, his fly rod never leaves the roof of his car; and during the winter, his fly rod is replaced by his skis. Working at InvitedHome has allowed Zach to produce great work, but also stay engaged with his hobbies.

Zach also helped open the Brush Creek Dude Ranch in Wyoming, which was voted the #1 Destination in America (#3 in the World) by Travel+Leisure Magazine. There you can relax at the spa, explore the vast open plains on horseback or (you guessed it) go fly fishing for some awesome Wyoming trout at the 15,000-acre French Creek Sportsman’s Club.

A trip that Zach is really looking forward to is “heli-fishing” on the South Island of New Zealand. Now, one probably wonders what “heli-fishing” entails. He says, that it’s basically the same as heli-skiing, except the helicopter drops you off in the bush and you get to fish for massive trout!

Thanks for all your hard work Zach and we hope that this is the first of many InvitedHome Anniversaries!

Nice catch Zach!

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