April 2019 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome


~ Executive Intern

Background Info:

Avery Is a senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder, majoring in Operations and Information Management with an emphasis in Real Estate. She has worked in a wide variety of industries; from oyster companies in Maine to law firms in Chicago; from nannying to floral arrangements. Her experiences helped her develop a strong passion for project management, customer research, advertising, social media activation, and content creation.

Avery is also passionate about great vacations! Some of her favorite childhood memories were spent at her family's ski house in Breckenridge. She's also studied abroad in Barcelona, spending part of her junior year visiting multitudes of countries throughout Europe. Her favorite countries ranged from Morocco, where she got to ride camels through the Atlas mountains, to Greece where she and her friends rented a villa in Mykonos for nine days.

Why InvitedHome:

Avery said that moments before she applied for the intern position at InvitedHome, she read an article with a quote from Jim Rohn. The quote said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” After she left her first in-person interview with the company she said she knew that if she got the job at InvitedHome her average had the potential to skyrocket because of the incredible people she would be working so closely with.

Since Avery enjoyed spending so much time at her childhood home in Breckenridge, she was excited to have an opportunity to create the same fond memory for other families. InvitedHome allows her to relive these memories and share her passion with others.

Favorite Vacation Memory:

Her favorite vacation memory as a child was when she was in 3rd grade and her parents surprised her with a trip to Disney World. She was under the impression that she was going to tag along on her fathers business trip. It wasn't until she got to the airport when her dad put a luggage tag on her suitcase with a picture of the Disney castle that she realized her parents tricked her and were taking her on a surprise trip.

Favorite Place to Eat in Boulder:

Avery’s favorite place to eat in Boulder is by far T/ACO. She usually goes with friends but loves bringing out of towners their when they are in Boulder for the weekend. She stated that she can’t resist their creative tacos and mouth-watering margaritas. If you haven't been she highly recommends putting it on your food bucket list and going for happy hour.

Here's Avery riding a camel in Morocco. 

Cms avery


~ Marketing Intern

Background Info:

Grace is in her senior year at the University of Colorado-Boulder and is dedicated to obtaining as much experience as possible in the Marketing industry before graduation in May. She has spent the past four years working towards her Advertising degree, emphasizing in Technology and Media. Grace has spent her college career interning with companies such as Napa Valley Film Festival and The Pineapple Agency. In previous roles, she gained skills ranging from design and content creation to social media analytics tracking.

Aside from marketing Grace loves painting, designing, and walking her friends' dogs. Last spring, she spent the majority of five months traveling throughout Europe while she was living in Florence, Italy. Grace spent most of her days butchering Italian while trying to order her daily dose of cappuccinos, pasta, and paninis.

Why InvitedHome:

When asked why she chose InvitedHome, Grace expressed how InvitedHome is a company that puts an emphasis on traveling while incorporating the familiarity of home. InvitedHome works hard to ensure customers feel at home while in unfamiliar territory, which allows travelers to feel more relaxed and comfortable. After spending months traveling, spending most nights in hostels, she said she was reminded to fully enjoy vacations that are spent with family….in homes where she isn’t rooming with six strangers.

Favorite Vacation Memory:

Her favorite vacation memory was traveling to Malta. This was a spur of the moment trip while she was studying abroad, that was taken because flights and lodging were cheap. Malta is an extremely small country off of the coast of Italy, and during winter, when she visited, is known for having flash floods and crazy spur of the moment weather. After flying through an insane storm, getting stuck in a bus’s closing doors and getting lost a few times she said they finally made it to the hostel in time for dinner. Dinner was spent eating strange pasta on the patio during a flash flood. The rest of the trip was spent island hopping (with luckily no more flash floods) and exploring ruins that looked like they were from Jerusalem. This hectic trip ended up with a lot of laughs and was one for the books! If nothing else, she wants you to take away that traveling on a college budget will give you some hilarious stories.

Favorite Place to Eat in Boulder:

Grace’s favorite place to eat in Boulder is Japango. She generally only goes when her family is in town, but said it is by far the best sushi she’s had! She loves their lobster potstickers and recommends that everyone should try them the next time they end up there!

Here is Grace at the gardens in Munich, Germany.

Cms grace


~ Executive Intern

Background Info:

Jilliann is a senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder, double-majoring in Marketing and Operations Management. She has worked in many different roles and industries since she was 15. These included child care, lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, retail sales and event planning. Much of her experience has helped her realize she has a passion for customer service and project management. In addition to working and taking classes, Jilliann volunteered by taking two leadership positions for her sorority of over 300 women from 2015 - 2017. She enjoys teamwork and collaboration in any work environment.

Aside from school and work, Jilliann loves surrounding herself with friends and family. She once heard someone say you have to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable” and tries to live with that mentality. She's done this by traveling and taking different opportunities. She went to Brazil in 2016 and studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and Berlin, Germany in 2018.  She has an abundance of travel stories spanning from Morocco to Amsterdam to Austria and hopes to continue crossing places of her map.

Why InvitedHome:

With a passion for travel and stepping outside her comfort zone, Jilliann was drawn to the Executive Intern position at InvitedHome. InvitedHome has three core values that she expresses were essential to why she chose InvitedHome. These values are:  Vacations Are Essential To The Soul, Treat People Like Humans, and Always Stay Ahead Of The Competition. After working in the InvitedHome office for a week, she really believes and sees how every employee lives off these three simple values and hopes to continue to live with these values in mind.

Favorite Vacation Memory:

Her favorite vacation memory is when her family took her and her two sisters to Disney World as a kid. This trip is very special to her because her entire family was present. Disney is a magical place and this trip is something she explains they all got to enjoy together. She still has vivid memories of having to stop walking every 5 minutes because her younger sister needed to fully open the park map and sprawl on the ground in the middle of the walkway to see where they were going. These memories will always be the sweetest to her.

Favorite Place to Eat in Boulder:

Jilliann’s favorite restaurant in Boulder is The Corner. She enjoys going to The Corner with her friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When it's nice out she said the best place to be is outside on their patio. Since she's a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, she explained that this is the one place that she is sure to run into familiar faces.

Here is Jilliann on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Cms jilliann

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