August Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Ryan in Telluride

Let's Celebrate ~ Ryan's Birthday

Please join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our Telluride Quality Assurance and Project Manager, Ryan! Ryan moved to Telluride six years ago and has since fallen in love with the town, and the rest of Colorado as well. In fact, Ryan’s favorite vacation was traveling around the state and skiing at different resorts with his college buddies. He very much enjoyed the chance to get a glimpse of everything Colorado has to offer. Ryan believes that what truly makes Telluride a great vacation spot is that it has phenomenal beauty that you just couldn’t find at any other mountain destination. Additionally, Telluride is so remote that it avoids large tourist crowds, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your vacation. Ryan recommends participating in either the Jeep tours or snowmobile tours, depending on the season. Thank you, Ryan for always ensuring everything is perfect for our guests!

And A Little More Celebration

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Stacy ~ Breckenridge
  • Casey ~ Boulder
  • Jerusha ~ Boulder
  • Melissa ~ South Lake Tahoe
  • Stephanie ~ Telluride
  • Kenneth ~ Emerald Coast


Let's Celebrate ~ Ruth's Three Year Anniversary with InvitedHome

Please join us in wishing a very happy three-year work anniversary to our Breckenridge General Manager, Ruth! Ruth joined the InvitedHome team during the company’s acquisition of a rental company in Breckenridge. Ruth loves every part of Breckenridge, but what she enjoys most is the diversity of each season. No matter the weather, she always has a smile on her face in the morning! The saying “you come to Breck for the winter, but stay for the summer” rings very true for her. Ruth’s favorite InvitedHome property is the Fallen Timbers Lodge, for the rustic cabin design and breathtaking views. Ruth truly represents our Core Value that Vacations are Essential to the Soul. Originally from Ireland, she has been around the world a few times and believes that it is important for her team members take the time off to recharge so they are able to provide the best vacation experience for our customers. Over the last three years, Ruth has watched InvitedHome grow and change in wonderful ways. She has really enjoyed watching that growth through each individual area of the business, and finds it comforting to have the support of working with a larger team. Thanks for everything you do, Ruth!

More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Work Anniversaries

  • Anna ~ 2 years - Emerald Coast
  • Maite ~ 1 year - Telluride
  • April ~ 2 years - South Lake Tahoe
  • Sally ~ 2 years - Boulder
  • Jenifer ~ 1 year - Emerald Coast