August Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Nick in Maui

Let's Celebrate ~ Nick's Birthday

Please join InvitedHome in wishing Nick a very Happy Birthday! Nick is our Operations Manager in Maui. Nick moved to Maui for another job and always saw the move as temporary, but now 6 years later Nick is so thrilled to call Maui his home for the foreseeable future.  From the rainforest, to the ocean, to the culture, it is unique from any other place he has ever been. Although Nick has trouble describing Maui, he boils it down to an indescribable feeling that you sense as soon as your plane lands. Before even arriving at the condo most tourists are able to see a rainbow, a whale breeching, and greens and blues that they have never witnessed before.  And while scenery often becomes dull after living somewhere for awhile, Nick is still surprised everyday by the engulfing beauty (even on his walks to the Laundromat)!

Nick grew up in the mountains exploring backcountry, hiking and skiing, which is pretty different than the Maui lifestyle but Nick said the transition was actually quite easy. There is still a lot of tourism, and instead of a lot of snow there is a lot of water! Naturally Nick became an avid surfer since moving and now it is one of his favorite hobbies, a long with off-roading, and participating in triathlons.

One of the things that Nick recommends to guests as a MUST do activity is traveling on the Road to Hana. This adventure removes travelers from all of the tourism. Nick says that the visuals are hard to explain but the experience embodies the soul of Hawaii. This full day experience is filled with crossing numerous bridges, black and red beaches, waterfalls, sacred pools, and enticing aromas of mangos and lilikoi.

Although Nick truly loves everything about Maui if he were to go on his dream vacation he would love to explore other countries and their cultures. Travelling through Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Chili, Argentina, and Norway are top on his wish list. But Nick also loves traveling back to his roots, in Idaho, where he grew up. As an adult going home to visit friends and family, as well as, the mountains has truly become his favorite vacation moments. 

On a day-to-day basis Nick loves getting to interact with guests. It was not until after Nick started his career that it was pointed out to him that he is in the business of helping people. Although he never looked at it this way, it is truly his favorite part. People are working so hard in their jobs and in their families and to have the opportunity to be involved in their vacation and generate lifelong memories is so rewarding to Nick. Being able to share his passion and speak to guests as he would to a family member or a friend and share the joy with them is beyond special. Prior to joining InvitedHome Nick worked in a very corporate desk driven job. InvitedHome was the type of company that Nick always read about but he never thought he would get to experience working for a new and innovative company. Going from a dot in a big plan to being a key player in creating the plan has been such an awakening experience for Nick.

Thank you for all your hard work and passionate spirit Nick, we hope you share many more birthdays with InvitedHome!

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And A Little More Celebration

This Month’s ~InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Ryan | Operations Manager ~ Telluride
  • Meg | Social Media and Advertising Manager ~ Central Support Center
  • Casey | HR Administrator ~ Central Support Center
  • Kyla | HR Intern ~ Central Support Center
  • Izel | Quality Assurance Specialist ~ Emerald Coast 

Analise in Maui

Let's Celebrate ~ Analise’s 1st InvitedHome Anniversary

This month we are celebrating Analise’s one year work anniversary at InvitedHome! Analise is our Hospitality Services Specialist in our Maui destination. Although there are so many reasons to love Maui her favorite part is the gorgeous beach. In fact she loves the water so much she makes it a priority to go paddling every day! Whether it be an early morning sunrise or an after work adventure, Analise surely loves getting to spend time outdoors.

In our Maui destination all of the properties are in one condo complex so Analise has been able to visit all of the different homes. Although they all have a similar setup her favorite home is, Golden Shores due to its’ cozy and homey feel. As a Hospitality Services Specialist, Analise deals with Guest Services as well as Operations. Because all of our homes in Maui are in one location Analise has the pleasure of personally meeting most of the guests upon check in and therefore the InvitedHome core value, Treating People Like Humans, is something she uses daily. She loves forming relationships with our guests and building that initial connection.

Analise also is able to meet and get to know numerous homeowners and their manage their requests. On a day to day basis Analise schedules maintenance, housekeeping, home inspections, communicates with guests, and much more.  Her favorite part is being able to give guests as well as homeowners a sense of confidence that she is doing everything she can to provide the best experience, whether that be a great vacation or great care and attention to their home.

Thank you for all your hard work this past year Analise, we are fortunate to have you on our team!

Below is Analise on her trip to Ellis Island for Christmas in New York a few years ago.

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More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Anniversaries

  • Maite | Director of Operations ~ Telluride ~ 2 years
  • Mark | Director of Sales ~ Central Support Center ~ 1 year
  • Jenifer | Housekeeper ~ Emerald Coast ~ 2 years
  • Anna | Director of Operations ~ Emerald Coast ~ 3 years
  • Nick | Operations Manager ~ Maui ~ 1 year

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