August 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Trey in Boulder

Meet Trey ~ Our Executive Intern!

This month we are highlighting Trey, our Executive Intern! Trey is currently going to school for Business Management, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Talent Management. He gratefully reports that he has acquired an immeasurable amount of knowledge from his time so far with InvitedHome.

When Trey described his favorite vacation memory it was extremely evident why he chose it as his favorite. He said it had to be when he studied abroad last winter in South Africa. He was there for close to four months and loved every minute of it! When his parents found out he was going to be studying abroad in Cape Town, they jumped on the chance to fly over and spend a couple weeks together at the end of Trey’s studies. Trey showed them the Kruger National Park, just a couple hours northeast of Cape Town. While on the safari through the Kruger National Park they were able to get dangerously close to all the different animals. Considering all the different animals Trey saw, he decided that the ones that left the most lasting impression on him were the various cats. Seeing leopards and lions up close, in their natural habitat was a life changing experience. We would expect nothing less!

Given the opportunity to go anywhere, with absolutely no time or financial restrictions, Trey would go back to Africa in a heartbeat. This time however, his dream vacation lies in Tanzania. He would absolutely love to explore the Serengeti, and go on many more safaris. He loved the people, culture, and overall experience of his time in Cape Town so much that he desperately wants to explore other areas of Africa. The experiences are completely unlimited within the continent - good thing there wouldn’t be a restriction on time or money!

While Trey loved Africa, he was excited to get back home here in Colorado. He loves all the outdoor activities and opportunities that are available in this great state. One of the things Trey raves about regarding Colorado is the four seasons, each just as beautiful and unique as the one before. Trey takes full advantage of every season, utilizing it for any outdoor activity possible, everything from skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hunting during the fall, and hiking just about year-round. Trey says the easiest way to get the full experience this beautiful state has to offers is to simply “go outside, just walk out your front door and you will find something to do.” He recommends any visitors head up to Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, especially during the fall when all the leaves are changing color.

Thanks for all you do, Trey! You are an essential part of the team here at InvitedHome!

Below is Trey enjoying an afternoon beer while overlooking Cape Town's Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches.

And A Little More Celebration!

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Izel | Quality Assurance Specialist ~ 30A
  • Chase | Mainenance Technician ~ 30A

Anna in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Anna's 4th InvitedHome Anniversary!

Please join InvitedHome in celebrating Anna’s 4-year anniversary this month!

Anna is the Destination Logistics Manager here at the Support Center. She started with InvitedHome four years ago as the Operations Manager in 30A. She transferred to the Support Center in Boulder last November and is so pleased with the transition; she has settled into it with complete ease. She loved the work she did in Florida, thriving in its’ fast pace while constantly being on the go, but she says she has enjoyed the change of pace that came with the transition. Here at the Support Center she’s in a more traditional office setting, feeding off team collaboration, and being able to bounce ideas and opinions off those around her. She loves being around her coworkers on a more consistent basis. In Florida, she often spent most of her days working alone.

When asked about her favorite home with InvitedHome, Anna said New Providence Main House in 30A with little hesitation. When she was working in Florida, she used to work from there as often as possible. Anna completely adores its’ two full master bedrooms, the neat bunk room for six, TV room for the kids, and the open layout of the second floor living area. Even with all those lovely aspects of the home, she states with complete certainty, “my favorite part about it (aside from the ocean peek view on the top floor of course) is the kitchen.” With it’s clean white cabinets, high ceilings, open concept, and the gorgeous butcher’s block island how could anyone not love it!

Here at InvitedHome, we have three core values that we hold in the highest regard: Vacations Are Essential to the Soul, Treat People Like Humans, and Always Stay Ahead of the Competition. The core value that resonates within Anna, the one she sees in action everyday while working, is Treat People Like Humans. She truly believes that InvitedHome is the successful company that it is today because of the people we work with. Everyone we work with, from the owners, to the guests, to the vendors, and of course the teammates, everyone is an intrical part of the team. And she absolutely loves that we keep it at the forefront of the business.

Starting in Florida four years ago, when InvitedHome was still a new company, she was able to start from the ground up. While in Florida, she had an influential hand in the establishment and execution of many of the procedures surrounding inspections that we still use today. She loves being able to see how things have progressed over the last four years, along with witnessing the evolution and development as needed over time. When asked if this was her favorite experience so far with InvitedHome, she said three words that carry such weight, “Without a doubt.”

Thank you for all you do, Anna! We are excited to see what comes next for you here at InvitedHome!

Below is a picture of Anna enjoying a sangria in Aruba last month -- her first summer vacation in many years!

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  • Jenifer| Housekeeper ~ 30A ~ 3 years