February 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Sally in Boulder

Let's celebrate ~ Sally's birthday!

This month, we’re celebrating Sally’s birthday!

Sally, our Talent Development Manager, joined InvitedHome almost a year ago and she’s already changed InvitedHome for the better. She says she enjoys the incredible people at InvitedHome and loves to help them in any way possible. The positive impact she can make on someone’s day is what keeps her motivated - and what keeps the rest of the team happy as well!

When asked about how she has grown during her time at InvitedHome, Sally says she has become more adaptable. Adaptability is a key skill to possess in order to be successful at InvitedHome. Being able to wear many hats is important in order to smoothly transition a project from one team to the next. Sally is no exception to this rule and says she feels she, “thrives in chaos”. Working here has allowed her to look at things in a new way and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

One of her favorite parts of her job is working with our amazing destination teams. She really enjoys making new connections with each and every team and helping plug them into the rest of the company. She loves the way the teams communicate in different ways and find ingenious ways to solve problems in the field. She also says the teams know the destinations inside and out, which really helps us connect with our homeowners and guests.

Sally’s favorite home is Chez Fleur down in Florida. She told us, “the overpowering beauty of the art and the details in the woodwork make this home truly unforgettable. When you step in the home and feel the sea breeze brush against your face, you know that you’ve arrived in paradise.”

One of her favorite vacation memories is when she took a trip to Tuscany, Italy, with her 7-month-old baby. It was her first time outside the U.S. and she said she and her baby were welcomed with open arms...and plenty of yummy Italian pasta!

Next year, she’s planning on taking a trip to Scotland so she can see the “fuzzy highland cows”. She’s a big fan of these furry animals and even taken her daughters to Sunflower Farm in Longmont to teach them how to properly milk a cow! Maybe that should be our next team building event!

Thanks for all your help over the last year, Sally! We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable birthday!

Here's Sally at the summit of Mt. Quandary!

Cms sally

And a Little More Celebration!

This Month’s ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Prescott | Maintenance Tech, 30A
  • Jordan | GEX Specialist, Support Center
  • KarinAnne | Marketing Manager, The.Club
  • Lauren M | Vacation Consultant, Support Center
  • Sally | Talent Development Manager, Support Center
  • Owen | Head of Revenue, Support Center

Kate in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Kate's InvitedHome Anniversary

This month we have some exciting news coming from our mighty Marketing team. We’re celebrating Kate K’s 1-year anniversary with InvitedHome!

Kate, our Graphic Designer, joined InvitedHome just over a year ago. Kate says that she, “loves feeling accomplished when she leaves the office each day.” She also says that John is incredibly supportive and praises the team when they do a good job.

Over the last year, the project she’s most proud of is helping rebrand InvitedHome. She really loved meeting with our leadership team to create a complete and seamless brand from top-to-bottom.

She has also enjoyed helping the Marketing Team hit a groove and become a really tight-knit group. Kate credits genuine, face-to-face communication as the biggest key to their team’s success. She says their team dynamic is one-of-a-kind, and she enjoys brainstorming new ideas and talking through solutions for problems the team faces.

But enough about work, Kate is also an extreme sports enthusiast. One of her favorite outdoor activities is free-repelling. Free-repelling is when someone lowers themself over a ledge or off the edge of an arch, supported entirely by climbing rope. One of her favorite locations to go repelling is in Arches National Park in Utah. She also says that there are a number of waterfalls in Colorado that make great repelling terrain.

One of her favorite vacation memories is when she went trekking for 21 days in the Himalayas around Everest Base Camp. It wasn’t easy; Kate hiked 120 miles in total and climbed to a max elevation of 18,500 feet above sea level (just a wee bit higher than Boulder). During her time, she became very close with the Sherpas in her group. In fact, she knew one of the Sherpas (and his family) who lives in Boulder. By the end of the trip she was welcomed into the Sherpa family and earned the name of Kate Pasang Booty Sherpa!

Kate’s next great adventure is going to be scuba-diving and backpacking in New Zealand! Initially, Kate wasn’t much of a water person but after getting scuba certified in Belize last year, it’s all she wants to do.

Thanks for all your help over the last year Kate K! You’ve been an amazing teammate and an inspiration for all of us at InvitedHome. We hope this is the first of many InvitedHome Anniversaries!

Here's Kate in the Himalayas!

Cms kk

More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Anniversaries 

  • Kim | GEX Specialist, 4 years
  • Lindsey | Hospitality Services Manager, 1 year
  • Mark Bockssh | Maintenance Tech, 3 years
  • Kate K | Graphic Designer, 1 year
  • Kate C | Central Operations Project Manager, 3 years
  • Torrie | Director of Operations, 1 year
  • Sarah V | REX Manager, 1 year

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