July 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Lauren in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Lauren's 2nd InvitedHome Anniversary!

This month we are beyond excited to celebrate Lauren’s 2-year anniversary with InvitedHome!

Lauren is our Head of Hospitality Experience, responsible for supporting the members of both the Guest Experience and Homeowner Experience Teams and helping elevate the InvitedHome experience of our owners and guests. Hospitality is something Lauren believes in at her very core. She consistently strives to ensure that the same hospitality our guests and homeowners experience is also extended to our teammates as well. She sums it up nicely by saying, “the InvitedHome hospitality experience is only as good as the experience of our teammates. That is what enlightened hospitality and servant leadership is all about.” Lauren does a fantastic job embodying this mentality as she always leads by example.

Team engagement and development are Lauren’s top priorities in her role. “Helping passionate people love what they do and who they do it with is what makes the magic happen for our owners and guests,” according to Lauren. Right below people on her list of priorities is taking advantage of the incredible opportunity we have at InvitedHome to build something good, something that impacts people and families all across the country and world (hello, InvitedHome Costa Rica!). It is a very rewarding aspect of being on the team. “You can get a job anywhere,” she says, “but here at InvitedHome it’s more than a job. Together, we are building something to last.”

When asked what the biggest change in the company she has witnessed over the last two years, she first gave the answer we would all expect. The growth of the company, the number of homes we have in our portfolio, branding, the number of teammates, moving to a larger office, etc. But then, Lauren said something that was not expected and extremely refreshing. She said though she is constantly impressed by all the changes we have made, she is even more inspired by what has stayed the same. Lauren absolutely loves the fact that mission statement and core values of the company still stand true and are always in the forefront of all that we do here at InvitedHome.

While reflecting over the last year, Lauren reveals the core value that rings truest to her is “Always Stay Ahead of the Competition.” As our Head of Hospitality Experience, she is focused on finding new and innovative approaches to best support our owners, guests, and most importantly, her teammates. She is committed to helping the Guest and Homeowner Experience teams push themselves every day to be better than the day before and in turn, helps propel them to greater heights than any of our competitors. She truly believes that if we keep our focus on providing every person we interact with an amazing hospitality experience, the sky is the limit for InvitedHome; Lauren, we couldn’t agree more!

Happy 2-year anniversary, Lauren, we can’t wait to see what else you bring to the team!

Pictured below is Lauren soaking up the sun during her recent honeymoon on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua!

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