June Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Corey in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Corey's Birthday

InvitedHome is excited to wish a very happy birthday to Corey, our Senior Operations Manager in the Boulder Office! Corey has been a member of the InvitedHome team for almost two and a half years. Corey’s work at InvitedHome sends him traveling to many of our destinations to ensure everything is perfectly prepared for our guests. Although his travels take him to many beautiful areas, Corey’s favorite InvitedHome destination is Santa Barbara, where he always tries to stay in our California Dreamin’ house. California Dreamin’ has a great outdoor lounge area and swimming pool perfect for soaking in the sun. If you are planning a trip to Santa Barbara, Corey highly recommends visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo. Corey’s favorite vacation was a large family trip with his many siblings down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Next on his list, Corey hopes to visit Hawaii for the first time. Let’s hope Maui is on the list; I think we might know of just the place for him to stay!

Cms corey portrait jun16

And A Little More Celebration

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Kate ~ Boulder Office
  • Nancy ~ South Lake Tahoe
  • Joey ~ South Lake Tahoe
  • Mercedes ~ South Lake Tahoe 
  • April ~ South Lake Tahoe
  • Sasha ~ Boulder 
  • Chris ~ Everywhere

Lilly in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Lilly's Two Year Anniversary with InvitedHome

InvitedHome is excited to highlight one of our amazing reservationists as she celebrates her two-year anniversary with us! Lilly joined InvitedHome in June of 2014 as the Santa Barbara expert on our Reservations Team in the Boulder office. Lilly’s favorite part about working on the reservations team is being able to engage with our customers to accommodate their vacation requests and help problem-solve. Throughout her two years, Lilly has seen many repeat vacationists in the Santa Barbara region, and has loved developing relationships with those guests. Her favorite InvitedHome destination home is one that she stayed in during her favorite experience with the company: Cuatro Vientos. Cuatro Vientos is nestled in the Santa Barbara Riviera with a breathtaking view of the ocean and harbor. Lilly says that this experience completely changed her perception of InvitedHome, because she experienced in-person all of the beautiful homes she was booking on a daily basis. Lilly loves our core value of “Vacations are Essential to the Soul” because she thinks it really embodies everything InvitedHome stands for. Thanks for everything you do, Lilly!

Cms lilly portrait jun16

More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Work Anniversaries

  • Chris Scafidi ~ North Lake Tahoe - 1 year
  • Melissa Dyer ~ South Lake Tahoe - 2 years
  • Adam Burger ~ South Lake Tahoe - 3 years
  • Irene Medina ~ South Lake Tahoe - 1 year

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