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The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Liz in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Liz's Birthday and InvitedHome Anniversary

Happy Birthday and 1 year InvitedHome anniversary to Liz, one of our rock star Vacation Consultants! Our Vacation Consultants are responsible for kicking off personal relationships with guests. Liz currently focuses on our Florida and Maui destinations. She is a huge beach girl, so not only does her job come easy to her, but she loves to sell those destinations.

Liz is originally from Colorado, but has traveled all over the world and used to live on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. She used to be a scuba diving instructor, as well as traveled to Southeast Asia and Australia for a couple years before going to Hawaii. She loves diving and seeing the oceans, but also loved digging into the cultures throughout her trips. She recently just got back from a trip to Dubai; her adventures never stop!

Liz loves working at InvitedHome! For a vacation consultant, the biggest challenge is you don’t always see the homes that we are making reservations for, so you have to find ways to familiarize yourself. On the other hand, Liz loves all the external contact she gets with the guests. The core value of treating people like humans, is something she always keeps in mind. With that, she says that some of her favorite times at InvitedHome are when she has been able to connect with the local destination teams, because it is so different there and it helps give us in Boulder a better understanding of how we can support them!  Happy 1 year, Liz and Happy Birthday, we hope to have you for many more!

Pictured Below: Liz on her most recent vacation to Dubai as well as adventuring through Colorado.

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More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Anniversaries

  • ​Sean ~ Regional Director of Operations, West Coast - 2 years
  • Liz ~ Vacation Consultant - 1 year
  • Casey ~ HR Admininstrator - 1 year
  • Owen ~ Head of Revenue - 1 year
  • Ryan ~ Telluride Operations Manager - 1 year

Sean in Santa Barbara and Maui

Let's Celebrate ~ Sean's Birthday and Two Year Anniversary with InvitedHome

This month we are also celebrating Sean, our West Coast Regional Director of Operations! Sean’s birthday was earlier this month, and he is also ringing in two years with InvitedHome. Sean started as the General Manager in Santa Barbara, and helped to integrate that destination into our InvitedHome operations. Sean is also an Infantry Officer in the United States Army National Guard. Last spring, he took a leave of absence from InvitedHome to complete a 4-month military training course. He came back to us in the summer as the Regional Director of our West Coast destinations.

Sean loves family; he is the youngest of 9 kids, so family has always been important to him and what he says makes InvitedHome so cool. When Sean worked in the hotel industry, he noticed that families had to be split, but that here, we get to bring them together. That is exactly what he says is special about InvitedHome; we are able to put our own stamp on the experience and bring his knowledge from the Ritz Carlton, without being tied down to the corporate structure. One of his best initial memories with InvitedHome was the dedication to teamwork. He says that the teamwork and relationships he has with his teams are so important. While he can’t pick a favorite destination, he says that what we do in Maui is pretty special. The people are so beautiful and you get the chance to meet and greet the guests as well as the homeowners, which Sean describes as, “pretty magical”. Plus he is always up for a Pau Hana (the time after work where you can chat and enjoy each other's company). Sean, we are so lucky to have you on our team. Thank you for holding down the West Coast!

Pictured below is Sean on vacation, hiking to the top of Mount Witney, the highest summit in the continental US, in California.

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And A Little More Celebration

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • ​Trevor ~ Santa Barbara Operations Manager
  • Sean ~ Regional Director of Operations, West Coast
  • Liz ~ Vacation Consultant 
  • Alana ~ Rocky Mountain Sales Executive 
  • Lilly ~ Vacation Consultant

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