November 2017 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Ian in Vail

Let's Celebrate ~ Ian's Birthday!

November is a great month! Lots of football, lots of turkey, and Ian’s birthday!

Ian is InvitedHome’s Operations Manager in Vail, CO. When he joined our team, we had four homes in active rotation. Today, we have 21! With many more to come! His favorite homes are Three Cheers and Silver Antler because the respective owners are great to work with (and the views from Silver Antler aren’t bad either!).

Ian has definitely helped our company expand, but he’s also grown himself. He says his biggest learning point was mastering how to work independently with a team. Ian came to InvitedHome from the hotel industry, where everything is centralized in a single building. With all his colleagues with a floor or two of him, it was easy to discuss things with people in person.

However, with InvitedHome, Ian has had to reconfigure his teamwork. He now collaborates with his teammates while being mobile. To make sure he stays efficient while he’s on the go, he creates a plan every day that sets out what needs to be accomplished and in what order. While he’s moving around, he loves using Evernote to keep notes, which he then transfers to the Work Order System at the end of the day.

Working with InvitedHome in Vail is especially rewarding for Ian. He loves that you can eat and drink at wonderful restaurants before, during, and after recreating in the mountains. His favorite restaurants in the Vail area are Mountain Standard and The Rose.

To work up an appetite, it’s all about the skiing! Ian says the best ski days are sunny Spring days when you can ski a little, hang out on a deck a little, ski a little more, then grill out and enjoy a beverage.  While he doesn’t have a favorite run on the slopes, the best deck on the mountain is Windows Deck that overlooks Sun Down Bowl and out towards Mount of the Holy Cross.  On a clear warm day in the spring you can sit on Windows Deck and watch avalanches come down the steepest faces on Holy Cross. Ian says it's spectacular, and I believe him!

Ian’s favorite vacation memory came fairly recently when he got engaged on a remote island in northern Maine! He had to battle some nerves along the way, but in the end, she said yes, so it was a huge success!

Congrats on everything, Ian! We’re so fortunate to have you on our team!

Here's Ian and his fiance just after getting engaged in Maine. They took a seaplane to a remote island and Ian was so nervous en route, that he could hardly make small-talk with the pilot!

Cms img 5653

And a little more celebration!

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Tom | CPO & Cofounder ~ Support Center
  • Sarah | Onboarding Specialist ~ Support Center
  • Jennifer | Head of Client Experience ~ Support Center
  • Alison | Homeowner Experience Specialist ~ Support Center
  • Kyle | Maintenance Tech ~ 30A
  • Chris | Copywriter ~ Support Center
  • Jagger | Maintenance Tech ~ Tahoe
  • Joey | Hospitality Services Manager ~ 30A

Team Telluride

Let's Celebrate ~ Team Telluride's Success

It’s always nice to focus a spotlight on our individual teammates, but every now and then it’s also great to recognize our smaller teams. Especially, when they’re achieving success at an amazing level, like our team members in Telluride!

Thus far in 2017, Team Telluride has about 10 new homes, bringing their total to 63. That number includes two homes that changed owners and the new owners stayed with InvitedHome! On top of that, their NPS has increased from a 57 to a 66, and they had the highest scores on our recent Engagement Survey!

Three members of the Telluride Team recently dropped into the Support Center in Boulder for a visit, so it was a great time to catch up with them and hear what they have to say about their success.

John, our Telluride Maintenance Tech, ties the team’s achievements to its people. He says it’s nice to work with people who care about things as much as he does. He always feels like everyone on the team is working hard to do their best, and that helps him go home every day with a sense of accomplishment.

Hailee, Telluride’s Hospitality Services Manager, extended the people-focus to highlight the larger team she connects with across InvitedHome. She says it’s nice to know she has teammates at the Support Center, but also in other Destinations, who she can reach out to for support. No matter where her team members are, she knows everyone will do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether it’s part of their job description or not.

Ryan, the Operations Manager in Telluride, links InvitedHome’s accomplishments to many things, like the professionalism of the team, the centralized office location, and the tools he uses to get his work done every day. All things considered, he thinks InvitedHome is uniquely positioned to really be the most-loved company in the vacation-rental industry, in Telluride and beyond.

With John, Haillee, and Ryan all believing their teammates are crucial to their success, it’s no surprise John points to “treating people like humans” as the InvitedHome Core Value their team most embodies.

Another commonality among these three great team members is their love for travel. Whether it’s the mix of rain and sun in Hawaii (John), or having sushi for breakfast in Tokyo (Hailee), or traveling to different ski resorts in Colorado (Ryan), they all have great vacation memories that rejuvenate their spirits and help them keep things in perspective so they can really focus on what’s most important in life and at work.

From left to right, here's Hailee, John, and Ryan on Pearl Street during their recent visit to Boulder.

Cms team telluride

Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Anniversaries

  • Trevor | Operations Manager ~ Santa Barbara ~ 2 years
  • Wendy | Chief Marketing Officer ~ Support Center ~ 1 year

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