10 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Vacation Home

Your dream home is out there ~ Here’s what to look for to maximize rentability

Congratulations are in order. Not only are you in prime position to consider buying a second home of your dreams, but you can also now consider high-end rental vacation homes worthy of your elevated expectations. You’ve earned it. To maximize both the pride and performance of your latest important investment, InvitedHome encourages you to carefully consider what makes certain vacation homes more highly-coveted than the next. Should you eventually be looking to rent your newfound haven of serenity, you’ll want to look for certain types of upscale features and alluring amenities that will accentuate your home from the rest - and delight you with plentiful returns thanks to its elegant comforts and conveniences.

1) Attractive Location - You probably have already chosen your desired destination. That’s the easy part. Now comes the time when you must streamline your search to include specific neighborhoods and community amenities. What are the best places to buy vacation rental properties in your area? The surroundings of your new vacation home can almost be as important as the home itself should you choose to share it with paying guests. A close proximity to primary attractions can be paramount. If you have chosen a mountain town, are you close to the slopes and trails? Is it ski-in ski-out? If you’ve chosen a more sandy location, is your new home close to the beach? And if the neighborhood is somewhere in between, is it at least walkable or child-safe for a worry-free bike ride just down the street?

2) Curbside Appeal - How updated is the exterior architecture? Is the home too unique in shape or size for its own good? You may not think of it at first glance, but the lack of a driveway or limited parking can become a dealbreaker when guests are looking at sophisticated vacation home rentals. And they’re not always just looking at your vacation home to rent either. Many prospective guests do their due diligence and explore the surrounding areas, and you should too. How might the drive in appear to guests arriving to your home? Neighbors who don’t prioritize the exterior care of their homes can also become an important factor for both you and any of your future guests.

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3) Open Interior - Vacations are for spending time with loved ones and friends. And to keep everyone actively involved in the conversation, an open floor plan with good flow can keep the laughter and good times going every moment your group is awake. More laughter means many more happy returns, so look for space to have comfortable, ample living room furniture strewn throughout and try to avoid vacation segregated kitchen or dining areas.

4) Spacious Exterior - The same should hold true as the laughter spills outside into your outdoor living spaces. Sprawling decks with ample seating space are particularly attractive to larger groups who want to continue the conversation out underneath the sun or stars. Don’t ignore the smaller amenities either. A water feature calmly cascading or bubbling in the background of a backyard barbeque can soothe the soul. Commanding accents like warming fire pits and a spacious yard for the kids to run around in are always a draw, and always will be in the future.

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5) Clear Sightlines - Who doesn’t love a room with a view? Well, unsurprisingly, most vacation home renters love stunning vistas. In fact, many travellers may be making their way to your home’s destination for the sole purpose of seeing another part of the country. Maybe they come from a landlocked state and want to bask in the sights and sounds of the coastal waters. Perhaps they’re looking to experience the majestic cachet of the Sierra Nevadas for the first time. Whatever their reason may be, your home has the potential to grant them access to unobstructed sightlines at a moment’s notice. And we have a feeling you’ll enjoy those views, too.

6) High-End Finishes - Now that the more grandiose traits of your potential new home are in order, it’s probably time to keep an eye out for the exquisite and understated. Yes, sometimes the seemingly tiniest details can make a big difference. Authentic elegance should always be on your mind as you look for recent updates and upgrades during your purchase experience or when considering making changes to your beloved vacation rental. Are there signature textures that are both charming and character-enhancing? Are the kitchen countertops and backsplashes harmonious with one another? If you can successfully combine both the posh with the practical, sometime the most imaginative finishes can finish the deal.

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7) Sophisticated Technologies - This modern age calls for modern sophistication. So buying a vacation home to rent that has state-of-the-art additions like a well-equipped media room or mood-setting lighting can create a welcoming ambiance unique to your home. As can smaller investments like gaming systems for the kids. And don’t forget to listen carefully for what you cannot see, as an automated central audio system with accompanying outdoor speakers can take entertaining to an entirely new level.

8) Leisure Activities - Vacations are, of course, all about relaxation. What puts you in an extensive state of bliss? Perhaps a soak in the hot tub after a chilly day on the slopes is what brings you unparalleled pleasure, or even a dip in your pool after a long day in the sun. Your potential guests will find that desirable too, and the distinctive extras like sauna, pool table, or heat lamps on your patio will go a long way to enhancing your renters’ experience.

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9) Discreet Privacy - When many people vacation, they are wishing to fully escape the everyday grind. Buying vacation rental properties that allow you to do just that has tremendous appeal to that particular type of traveler. For those seeking to get away from it all, a gated community can be very rewarding, not to mention safe for the kids. A classic cabin in the woods also ensures that the only traffic noise you hear is that of the flora and fauna. If you do have neighbors close by, a little updating to the decor to feature sound-minimizing blackout shades can make all the difference.

10) Exclusive Amenities - Of course, if you’ve gotten this far in your vacation home search, it can’t hurt to be on the lookout for the extra luxuries associated with your destination property. Many communities allow for homeowner and guest privileges to partnering golf courses, a limited-access boat dock or beach, and even ski-in ski-out access exclusive to your home only. Sometimes you can’t put a price on that exemplary convenience, but when you eventually make the move to rent your high-end vacation home, you certainly can.


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Buying Vacation Rental Property
Better amenities ~ Better bookings
Whether you prefer a vacation home in a beautiful beach community or pine for a more rustic setting in the mountains to satisfy all your inner outdoorsman, there’s always some important factors to consider. By finding delight in the process of finding the perfect home to fit your personality and short-term rental goals you’ll ideally achieve both serendipity and ongoing prosperity. Should you also need help finding a trustworthy realtor in one of InvitedHome’s signature destinations, InvitedHome can help with that too. Just give us a call at (855)-666-8064, and we’ll be happy to share our recommendations.