Lake Tahoe 4th of July

There’s more than just fireworks ~ All around the lake

To give you an idea of what to expect, here's a quick rundown of last year's celebration. 

10:00am -
Who doesn’t love a parade? The kids most certainly do. Begin your Tahoe Independence Day celebration with their signature 4th of July Parade in South Lake Tahoe. Beginning at the “Y” where Highways 89 and 50 intersect and ending at Bijou Community Park, this annual cascade of cachet doubles as a fundraiser for the American Legion, and concludes with a communal BBQ held immediately afterwards in the park.

10:00am to 5:00pm - For more prolonged revelers, it’s difficult to compete with the all-day beach party that is Fun on the Beach at Zephyr Cove. And with a DJ starting at 11am as well as adult beverages offered soon thereafter, near the water is the place to be for your Lake Tahoe 4th of July celebration. Parking for Zephyr Cove opens at 6am and does fill up fast, as even on normal summer days Zephyr Cove is one of the more popular beaches in Tahoe. It should also be noted that while families do frequent this beach, this particular event is not recommended for younger children, especially later in the day.

6:00pm to 8:30pm - Hungry for a little more BBQ? Of course you are. It’s the 4th of July in Tahoe after all, and the BBQ at the Beach Retreat & Lodge should satisfy every hungry traveler under their beachfront tent. Adults and children are always welcomed, and guests can watch the fireworks from the beach with their bellies now properly full.

7:00pm - Looking for a more refined and sophisticated way to spend your Fourth in Lake Tahoe? Perhaps one of Lake Tahoe’s July 4th Fireworks Cruises is more your speed. Both the MS Dixie and Tahoe Paradise offer exquisite cruise underneath the fireworks filling the sky. The MS Dixie includes dinner, dancing, live entertainment and spectacular views of the fireworks, while the Tahoe Paradise offers a more modest spread that includes mainly appetizers. Due to their overwhelming popularity, the tickets are pricey, but well worth every penny. With the unrivaled and unobstructed views available from the center of the lake, it’s an experience unlike anything else.

9:45pm - Of course, some would argue that there is no such thing as a bad view of Lights on the Lake Fireworks. And they would have a point, as the show can be seen from basically anywhere in town and has been frequently rated as one of the top 5 firework shows in the country. Just be sure to have a radio nearby, as there is an accompanying soundtrack you can follow along to by tuning your radio to a specific station. It truly is music to your ears!

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