5 Reasons to Catch the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado

Coming to Breckenridge ~ This December

This Is How You Dew Breck

For A Brief Moment In Time ~ Breck Will Undergo A Unique Transformation

For a brief moment in time, from December 8th to December 11th, Breckenridge will undergo a unique transformation. No longer comfortable being just the shy, locally loved mountain retreat, Breck welcomes the internationally popular Dew Tour for the weekend. And as a result, the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who follow never seem to be far behind. Here are 5 reasons why.

Reason One

The Best Things In Life Are Free ~ Style

This is where the world’s elite come to compete. As one of the top events in the sport, you can be sure these superpipe and slopestyle competitions will bring out the best in the skiers and snowboarders from all around the globe. Oh, and the best part? Spectators needn’t reach deep into their wallet to watch. Admission is like the events’ style. Free.

Reason Two

All In The Family ~ Your Family That Is 

Fans of the Dew Tour are a communal and friendly bunch, but their interests span all ages and areas of expertise. From youngsters who want to catch a glimpse of their idols in action, to adults who just want to see a top notch winter sporting event, any and all are more than welcome.

Reason Three

The Dew Tour ~ Experience

Each day, from 9:00am to 4:00pm local time, the Dew Tour caters to your needs at Breckenridge Resort. You’re the guest. Participate in numerous, all-day sponsor activities and giveaways. See which member of your family or group can best the others in one of the many tours fan competitions. Meet and greet with your favorite athletes. Or find the ideal vantage point to view well-practiced pros on their path to a championship final run. Then, and only then, will you be able to witness firsthand how it’s done. The Dew Tour is constantly shaking things up. Check out 2016's all-new format.

Cms dew tour map

Reason Four

Kick Out The Jams ~ The "Rail Jam" That Is

There’s plenty of action to be had off the slopes as well. Downtown Breck plays host to numerous activities and events throughout the weekend, often attended by the riders themselves. You can really rub elbows with the pros.

Past events have included a night time “rail jam”, bonfires and billiards tournaments. Take in some new music at one of the live concerts. Dig in and taste the local cuisine or just become absorbed by the overall nightlife scene. Resistance can be futile, as this is arguably the biggest weekend for nightlife during the winter season at Breck.

Reason Five

Make a Homebase ~ You'll Never Be Far From An Out-Of-This-World Good Time

One of the undeniably great things about Breckenridge is its close proximity to the mountain events. So whether you’re making camp in a condo or escaping to a deeply wooded cabin in the hills – via car, shuttle or gondola – you’ll never be far from the world-class racing and out-of-this-world good times.

The truth is, you’re not going to find a more action-packed and snow-filled four days of such variety. For families or friends in groupings both large and small, become a card-carrying member of the Dew Tour this December…in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.

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