7 Essential Items To Pack For Your Summer Lake Tahoe Trip

If you’re heading to Lake Tahoe this summer, there are plenty of things you’ll likely pack in your suitcase. Whether you’re heading there solely with your loved one, or the whole family is coming in tow, there are some essential items that you should bring for just about any summertime trip to Lake Tahoe.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of things that you could likely bring with you on your trip. But they’re not all essentials. To understand the essentials, you have to understand the climate of Lake Tahoe in the summer. While it does get hot, the temperature is never scorching. But, you can also expect freak thunderstorms and rain showers.

Considering that it doesn’t get excruciatingly hot in Lake Tahoe in the summer, you don’t need to worry so much about heat waves. But, if you’re exerting yourself heavily, say by hiking through some of the popular trails or mountainsides, and you’re in the direct sun, you need to stay hydrated.

The fastest way you can fall ill or get sick from heat exhaustion is if you don’t stay hydrated. Instead, you need to drink ample water if you’re exerting yourself. Even if you’re in the direct sunlight for too long, it can be too much. So be cautious and be wary. And keep that in mind when you’re packing for your next trip.

Lake Tahoe In The Summer

Lake Tahoe summers are rather unrivaled. When you look at the best destinations in the world for frolicking on golden-sanded beaches and turquoise waters, Lake Tahoe is right up there with destinations like Turks and Caicos, Switzerland’s Lake Geneva, and even some of California’s pristine beaches.

Tahoe in the summer is epic, to say the least. There’s something about it that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. It truly is a one-of-a-kind destination. But don’t just take our word for it. Tahoe receives well over 3 million visitors every single year. For a destination that only has 53,000 year-long residents, that’s quite the swell in population.

Because of it, in the peak summer months, you can expect to pay a great deal to rent cabins. And, if you fail to book soon enough, you might not end up getting the place that you want. So if you’re heading to Lake Tahoe this summer, not only should you be planning what to bring, but also planning far ahead to book your home.

If you don’t, someone else will. Remember, there’s only a finite amount of inventory. Especially when we’re talking about high-quality, fully-managed properties, there aren’t too many of those to go around. So be sure to book

If you’re heading to Lake Tahoe this summer, it’s important to pack sunscreen. Although the weather doesn’t get considerably hot, there are heat waves. Plus, being in the direct sunlight and over-exposing yourself is harmful to your skin even when the temperatures are not scorching.

Pack some sunscreen for your trip with an SPF of 30+. That will block out roughly 70% of UVB rays. That’s enough for you as an adult to ensure that you don’t get harmful exposure to the sun. And if you have small children, get SPF 50. Now, the difference between SPF 30 and 50 is marginal, but for small children, it’s important. SPF 50 will block out roughly 98% of UVB.

Depending on the age of the children you’re traveling with, you’ll likely opt for the highest protection. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with the health and well-being of small children.

Lake Tahoe’s resplendent waters are ideal for swimming and cooling off in the warm summer sun. Lounge around on golden-sanded beaches and frolik in the freshwater lake on a lazy sun-soaked afternoon. That’s what Lake Tahoe is all about. To facilitate that, be sure to bring bathing suits on your summer trip to Tahoe.

Now, the truth is that you’ll also discover clothing-optional beaches in Lake Tahoe. Be careful of which beach you select as some are designated as “nude beaches.” Especially when traveling with children, this is important. One of those beaches is called Secret Cove. But there are others like Hidden Beach and Chimney Cove.

Before heading out, do your due diligence on the best beaches that are nearby. But also on the best beaches that would be suitable to your family or situation. While some parents are okay with exposing their kids to these things early on, most are not. However, it’s important to understand that these beaches do exist in Lake Tahoe so you have to take precautions.

3. Waterproof camera

Waterproof cameras likes the GoPro are fantastic on summer trips to Tahoe. You can record all the action and the fun in a passive way. Strap the camera to you or drop it on a selfie stick and go through your adventures with a recorded memoir of the entire occasion to look back on. Of course, there are other waterproof cameras aside from the GoPro. But that’s by far the most popular one you can select.

You could also opt to buy a Nikon or Olympus or Fuji camera, which also offer waterproof versions. Some will give you waterproof only down to a certain depth, so check the depth before trying to submerge it too far down. For example, if you swim down to the bottom of the lake, make sure that you have a waterproof camera that can sustain those depths.

Waterproof cameras are not only great for dipping into the lake with, but also for climbing and biking. You never know what could happen, or if a random thunderstorm could pass through or if the camera could fall into some puddle on a trail. It’s great to be prepared. Now, especially when dealing with expensive phones, be careful not to drop them in the lake. Have a waterproof camera instead.

4. Umbrella

Yes, it’s important to pack umbrellas for your summer Lake Tahoe trip. You really do never know when the sky will open up and rain will come hurtling down. It is, after all, the Sierra Nevada Mountains where climate can be unpredictable at times. It’s not usual that weather patterns are closely followed here because weather can shift fairly quickly from moment to moment.

Umbrellas are great to have on you or at your cabin or condo rental. When necessary, they’ll come in handy. You can also use the umbrellas to help protect from harmful sun. This is especially crucial for elderly who might be walking around in the direct sun during the day. But also good for children. Even if you’re using sunscreen, it’s good to have an umbrella nearby.

There are loads of tote and carry umbrellas that can be tucked away and not take up too much space. So you won’t have to worry about carrying around large umbrellas with you. They are certainly handy to have on you.