7 Reasons You Should Visit Lake Tahoe This Winter

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Snow, sun, and skiing

Lake Tahoe in the winter has it all

Lake Tahoe is a blissful paradise that straddles California and Nevada, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Most describe it as a Utopian destination. An earthly haven. A place replete with sun, sand, surf, wind, and snow. It’s an epic place to visit, either in the winter or the summer, with plenty to do in every season. But today, we want to talk about the magic of Lake Tahoe in the winter.

Lake Tahoe in the Winter

There is sheer beauty in Lake Tahoe in the winter time. It’s an epic sight to see. Snow-blanketed mountainsides. Shimmering turquoise and blue-hued fresh waters. Alpine forests engulfed with Fir and Pine trees that spiral into the heavens. The intoxicating air is replete with crisp mountain scents that offer nostalgia to anyone raised in similar destinations.

In North Lake Tahoe, winters are serene. There’s an upscale vibe. An air that embodies and epitomizes rest and relaxation. It’s a luxurious environment filled with some of the most spectacular mountain cabins, high-end homes, mansions, and resorts. If luxury is your speed, then North Lake Tahoe is certainly for you.

1. Our top reason to visit? The skiing. 

Ski resorts all over Lake Tahoe see huge amounts of snow every year, and the 2018-2019 winter shattered records. This meant resorts stayed open later, with better conditions. To give you an idea, here's a list of the closing dates for last year's season:

Squaw Valley: Sunday, July 7, 2019
Northstar: April 21, 2019 
Diamond Peak: April 21, 2019
Heavenly: April 21, 2019
Kirkwood: April 7, 2019

Even better, winter conditions in late-season skiing mean you could get the benefits of off-peak prices but the prime conditions of winter. Don't miss out on this epic combo. Below are a few homes we think could be perfect for a March, April, or even May ski getaway, as long as the snow is anywhere near what we saw last year.

Stella Nova at Northstar

Ski-in, ski-out in modern luxury

This home's beautiful, sleek design is apparent inside and out, and it's location truly couldn't be better. Located along the slopes of Northstar, you can ski within feet of your private outdoor hot tub, and be relaxing in it in just seconds. With three bedrooms and an additional sleeping area with modern pod-style bunk beds, up to 10 guests can stay in this exquisite Lake Tahoe cabin.

Orion at the Ritz-Carlton Constellation

Ski-in, ski-out at the Ritz

Orion at the Ritz-Carlton Constellation is a 3-bedroom condo that sleeps eight guests walking distance to the lifts of Northstar California Resort. The Ritz-Carlton is perched high up on the mountain and has incredible views of the valley below, and offers all the luxury you'd expect from the famous hotel brand. Enjoy:

2. The Spas

So you might not be solely interested in skiing or other winter sports. Or, if you are, you might just need some rejuvenation treatments after a long day of carving up the slopes. Either way, there are plenty of spas in Lake Tahoe that you can visit for a relaxing and soothing deep-tissue massage, manicures, pedicures, facials and more. It’s a blissful way to spend the day with a friend or loved one. Enjoy a hot stone couples massage, followed by a sauna and steam shower. Afterwards, you’ll feel relaxed and revitalized. Cap off the evening with a glass of red wine in front of a fireplace at your cabin.

If you're staying at the Ritz-Carlton, you'll be just a few steps from one of the finest spas in Lake Tahoe. However, if you're staying anywhere else in the area, try either of these options, which are excellent for InvitedHome's discerning guests. 

Lighthouse Spa
Sierra Hot Springs (This is a short drive north, but the hot-springs based spa is worth every minute of the drive.)

3. The Scenic Beauty

Lake Tahoe offers a world of epic beauty. It’s truly one of the earth’s most awe-inspiring destinations. And it will take your breath away. Most people come to Lake Tahoe in the winter simply to witness this heaven-on-earth intoxicating atmosphere. It’s virtually unrivaled. Snow-capped peaks and pine tree-engulfed forests beckon you to explore the area.

When the skies are blue and deplete of clouds, a stark contrast fills your vision with elements of wonder. How can a place be so beautiful? At the top of a gondola ride, as you gaze out, you’re hit with a sparkling wintry wonderland that spills out before your eyes.

It is truly epic. Use snowshoe trails at the top of the mountains to hike around and capture all the scenic beauty and vistas that spread out in front of you. Don’t care to try to hike around in the winter? Why not explore the area in a helicopter? There are year-round tours available where you can do just that. 

4. The Cabins

Lake Tahoe is filled with incredible cabins. In fact, the cabins offer one of the most alluring reasons to pay a visit here in the winter. Some offer a rustic mountain feeling while others offer opulence beyond measure. And if you're wondering why a 5,000+ square foot home is regarded as a cabin, you'll get it once you visit. it's the term locals use here to fit the rustic beauty of the surroundings.  

Below are a few more homes in North Lake Tahoe currently available for winter 2019-2020.

Houston Camp

A collection of cabins that makes for a perfect getaway for multiple families

Big Buck Lodge

A gorgeous 6-bedroom Tahoe cabin that sleeps 18 guests

Greenwood Haven

For peace and quiet in a prestigious neighborhood of North Lake Tahoe, go with Greenwood Haven

5. The Adventure Sports

Lake Tahoe is known for its adventure sports. In the winter, those adventure sports are often skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and more. On average, you can expect around 125 inches of snow per year in Lake Tahoe. The result? An epic wintry scene of frost-and-snow-covered landscapes that will warm your heart.

In addition to skiing and boarding, you can try your hand at any of these winter adventure sports common in Lake Tahoe:

Wilderness sleigh rides
Winter skydiving

In South Lake Tahoe, there’s the wildly-popular Heavenly Gondola, which you can ride to the top and carve up the slopes on the way down. Heavenly has beginner and advanced slopes, perfect for the entire group, no matter what the skill level might be.

6. The Backcountry

There’s incredible backcountry in Lake Tahoe. We’re talking about the often-inaccessible routes that most people don’t -- or can't -- travel on. And luckily, there are plenty of outfitters and guides to help you discover it all. Check out this blog on Lake Tahoe's backcountry possibilities.

If you want the comfort of hitting backcountry that's still accessible via a resort, there's plenty of alpine forest at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows or Homewood.

7. The Casinos

Last, but certainly not least in the reasons to visit Lake Tahoe in the winter, are the casinos. Since Tahoe straddles the state of Nevada, where gaming is legal, you’ll find over 16 casinos here around Stateline. Whether you want to pull a few slots or spend the day or night playing craps or blackjack or roulette or poker, this is the place to do it.

From the Grand Lodge Hyatt Casino to Hardrock, Harrah’s and beyond, there are tons of great casinos here, just a few minutes from the resorts of South Lake Tahoe.

The casinos provide a great way to get the cozy small-town feel of Tahoe and still spend an evening in the glitz of Stateline. To learn more about each of the casinos in North and South Lake Tahoe, check out our guide here

Visiting Lake Tahoe in the Winter

Need even more reasons to plan a Lake Tahoe vacation this winter?

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