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Your Complete Guide To The Digital Graffiti Festival At Alys Beach

The Digital Graffiti Art Festival at Alys Beach is a truly unique event that showcases a burgeoning artform in a beautiful medium. The whitewashed walls of Alys Beach homes and businesses become the backdrop for colors and graffiti made completely by digital projection. There's nothing else quite like it. Here's a look at last year's festival to give you an idea of what you could expect at the 2018 event. 

The White Walls of Alys Beach ~ Make The Perfect Canvas

The Digital Graffiti Festival runs for three days in May, and invites artists from all over the world to create beautiful projections that are displayed on the smooth, white walls of Alys Beach. There is a contest every year, and on the final day of the event, the winners are announced in a closing celebration. Organizers also bring in a new panel of judges to come together to view and rate the works. 

Last year's first-place entry went to Kameron Neal of Brooklyn. Kameron used the white walls to project a stop-motion animation self-portrait of himself. 

Here's a quick schedule of events that typically make up the festival:

  • Friday: Once the sun goes down, the celebrations begin. Food trucks and vendors set up shop and visitors get their first taste of what digital graffiti really looks like. 
  • Saturday: The party continues on Saturday, when the previous year's winners are recognized for their vision and contribution. Unlike Friday night, however, many of the events on Saturday are 21+, so plan accordingly if you're traveling with the whole family. 
  • Sunday: A day-time closing celebration consisting of brunch and mimosas. 

Be sure to check in soon for ticketing information for the 2018 Digital Graffiti Art Festival.

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You Don’t Just Show Up To Compete ~ You Earn It.

The Alys Foundation is currently calling for entries into the contest and event. To take part, artists must submit an original work of digital art to be considered by the Foundation. 

The deadline to submit is February 1, 2018, after which the full line up of artists will be announced. 

Find out everything you need to know about submission criteria here.

Alys Beach ~ One Of The Premiere Destinations In the U.S.

Alys Beach flies a bit under the radar, but is considered one of the most beautiful destinations along Florida's scenic road 30A. Located less than an hour from both Destin and Panama City, Alys Beach feels like a Mediterranean island right here in the U.S. 

Alys Beach is a part of the gorgeous Emerald Coast, along which you can do everything from rest on sugar sand to parasail in the Gulf. Check out our complete guide of things to do in Emerald Coast, and start planning your 30A vacation. 

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2018 Digital Graffiti Schedule

The 2018 Digital Graffiti Art Festival will take place from May 18-20. 

Check back here often to find out this year's exact schedule, lineup, and ticket prices, which will be announced shortly.

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What is digital graffiti?

In the last 10 years, digital graffiti has emerged as a new art platform that uses computers, lights, lasers, and other new technologies to create art similar to traditional graffiti but without the permanence. Initially, it was strictly an extremely high-tech medium that wasn't widely available. However, it's now an umbrella term that encompasses any art made through projections and light. 

Learn more about digital graffiti at Alys Beach in this short video

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