Discover the Digital Graffiti Art Festival at Alys Beach

There’s A Lot To Know ~ About This Momentous Event

Your Complete Guide To The Digital Graffiti Festival At Alys Beach

Never Has The Color of White ~ Evolved Into Something So Bright.

Until the Digital Graffiti Art Festival at Alys Beach that is. Now, there’s a lot to know about this momentous Florida event. Let’s see if we can break it down for you as simply as possible.

About the Digital Graffiti Festival

The White Walls of Alys Beach ~ Make The Perfect Canvas

The pristine and iconic white walls at the Alys Beach Digital Art Festival. Never before has there been a better canvas for digital graffiti. At least in these parts.

Cms digital arts alys

Who's Going

You Don’t Just Show Up To Compete ~ You Earn It.

The 2016 Festival features 20 graffiti artists from all around the globe. Think Australia. Think Indonesia. Think Germany. And yeah, think Missouri. We had to have some local representation here. The point is, you don’t just show up to compete. You earn it. The world is quite well-represented here, so bring the flag of your choice to show support.

Where to See The Festivities

Alys Beach ~ One Of The Premiere Destinations In the U.S.

Familiar with one of the hidden premiere vacation destinations in the U.S.? Have you heard of Florida’s Emerald Coast? Well, here’s the perfect excuse to get acquainted with this gorgeous coastline, and see tremendous global artistry talent practically in reach.

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The Event Schedule

Between ~ May 13-15th, 2016

The Digital Graffiti Artist Festival take takes place between May 13-15th, 2016. Here’s the schedule:

  • Friday – 7:30pm-10:30pm: Curator’s Tour – walk with inclusive food wine and beverage samples while you tour through select pieces picked by curator Brett Phares.
  • Saturday – 6-8pm: EC Lounge: Complimentary cocktails, music and announcing of the winners of the festival.
  • Saturday – 8-11pm: Official festival with the projections on the classic white Alys walls.
  • Saturday 8pm – midnight: After party kicks off at end of festival with live DJ and drinks/food available for purchase.
  • Sunday – 11am-1pm: Caliza pool, brunch and casual conversation.
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Talk The Talk

Everything from photo-bombing ~ To Guerrilla Projections

You’re gonna hear a lot of graffiti lingo like photo-bombing, guerrilla projection, and urban projection. Don’t let this scare you. There’s plenty more to do in Alys Beach, Florida than just witness brilliant art. But for this weekend, this is the start of the show. And digital graffiti at Alys Beach is not to be missed. So go ahead, let your colors shine.

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