Family Beach Necessities

Discover the imaginative services ~ That deliver joy to these seashores

Now that you’re properly prepared for some family fun in the sun, it’s time to start planning a few imaginative activities to get you through your day. And InvitedHome knows just the signature services that deliver the unrivaled pampering to help you do just that.

Emerald Coast Family Beaches
You choose your family-friendly Emerald Coast beach, and let Live Well 30A do all the rest. And do we mean “all.” They’ll happily provide and pick up any of your necessary beach gear for an ideal day on the sand. From cribs, wagons and strollers to beach chairs, umbrellas, paddleboards and more - if you can think of it - they’ll probably deliver. Quite literally. And should you want get out and explore beyond the shores, they even rent bikes and schedule taxis and shuttles to get you to your next exciting undertaking.

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Lake Tahoe Family Beaches
It’s certainly no secret that Lake Tahoe is one of the finest destinations for whole family fun. But did you know there’s a strategy for taking your family friendly Lake Tahoe beaches experience to an entirely new level? It’s true. Upscale services like Babierge can only enhance your beach-going experience. We recommend getting their complete Lake Tahoe Family Fun package, and then just sitting lakeside, worry-free.

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Maui Family Beaches
Ka’anapali is more than just a beach, it’s an experience. But before you head to those alluring sands calling your name from just downstairs or around the corner from your Honua Kai condo, check your Fun Closet first. There, you’ll find everything you and your family could possibly need for a unforgettable day at the beach. The lava rock edge on the north side is where the waters are calmest, so be sure to pack a snorkel or two because the kids will surely want to see all the amazing marine life that lies beneath the surface. Just don’t limit your sightlines to what is swimming directly below. There may be even more to see just off in this distance.

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Santa Barbara Family Beaches
Santa Barbara’s beaches
 can be as quirky as the very neighborhoods in which they reside. The first thing you should know that not many do is that the beaches here tend to have natural oil leaks that seep through the sand. We recommend you invest in a cheap pair of flip flops for the whole family. Because with the children in tow, you won’t want to track it home. As far as activities are concerned, don’t be. A nice, long, leisurely stroll along the sand from East Beach to West Beach should provide ample entertainment for everyone. Be prepared to make a few stops along the way however, as you’ll find there are several parks that will induce an uncontrollable burst of joy from your younger ones. You’ll also want to reserve some time for the antique carousel you’ll find near the shipwreck-themed Chase Palm Park just off the beaten path. And yes, you can do some whale watching here, too.

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Ready for Your Next Family Beach Vacation?
Now that you’re prepared ~ Let the planning begin
Please don’t hesitate to contact an InvitedHome Vacation Consultant via live chat or by calling (855) 978-7627 and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need about the high-end homes in our amazing coastal destinations. Your family will thank you later.