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The Complete Guide ~ To The Whales of Maui

Take A Peek During Peak Season

Looking For Excitement? ~ Watch This.

Maui whale watching season runs approximately 6 months of the year, but peak season is from January to mid-March. And while there are a number of things to do in Maui at this time of year, peak whale watching season is particularly special. You see, this is when the bulk (pun intended) of the whales migrate south from Alaska. And really, who can blame them? The warm waters. The beautiful coastline. And always a plethora of people who will bask in their majestic glory. There is just no better time to head to the islands of Hawaii. And Maui has the best view from the shore.

Cms humpback underwater maui

You'll See And Hear These Whales

What Will You Be Seeing? ~ Well, Any Number Of Things

First, it’s primarily humpbacks. And this is great because these whales sing. You can even hear them when you’re swimming, snorkeling or just splashing around in the surf. And it can last for around a half-hour long. They’ve got pipes. But if you want a more formal Maui whale watching experience, there’s more than enough opportunity to do that, too. Just remember that patience will be required, as these whales can be submerged for about 45 minutes before they come to the surface to breathe. But when they do breach, it can be one of the most excitingly playful views of nature you’ll ever see.

Mark Your Calendar

Schedule An Entire Day ~ For Optimal Viewing Pleasure

Mornings tend to be calmer waters, but a picture of these creatures on the move under a Maui sunset might be too good to pass up. We recommend Maui Vacation Adventures for optimal viewing enjoyment. And expert information. The truth is, no two whale-watching tours are the same. You get a unique experience each and every time.

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Grab A Pina Colada And An Education

Looking For An Educational Vacation? ~ We've Got You Covered

It's okay to learn something on your vacation. There are free “whale talks” in Lahaina, 3 days a week, that cover everything from tall tales to the latest scientific data on these North Pacific mammals. Find out the difference between a peduncle slap and a peduncle arch. Discover why they were once considered an endangered species. But you’ll be happy to know they’ve made a humpback comeback.

10,000 Whales


Of course, we can’t adequately tell you just how amazing peak whale-watching season in Maui is. But this much we know. It’s the perfect time for a visit. And if you don’t believe us, just ask the 10,000 or so whales that are doing that exact thing right now.

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