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Lookbook ~ Looking Through the Lens of an Interior Designer

Perspectives highlights the sophisticated interior design of our signature, high-end homes. The idea? To share with you the vision of our owners when designing the interior of their one-of-kind properties, and explain the creative process – from concept to completion – along the way.

This month’s spotlight is on Sarah P., Interior Designer, Three Cheers in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

A Luxury, High-End Mountain Home with an Inviting Feel

Sarah’s Mission: To create a luxury, high-end modern mountain home with a warm and inviting feel.

“White is your friend- use it, welcome it and love it,” Sarah says. And once you complete a tour of the fresh and inviting spaces within Three Cheers, you quickly conclude that she definitely has the ability to transform a space from tired to very much alive by using this color throughout every room. A former model agent in a previous life, one can instantly tell Sarah not only has an eye for talent, but an eye for even the tiniest detail. With love of the palest of life’s colors, combined with the use of a myriad of textures and furnishings, she successfully marries all these elements together to create a warm, inviting feel. The soaring windows and high ceilings help shine natural light on the carefully selected furnishings and artwork that give this welcoming home a high-end, fresh feel through a one of a kind design style. 

Working on a strict timeline in collaboration with local contractor Matt Drabrant from Elevated Home Services LLC, they achieved a complete overhaul of the property with a turnaround of approximately four months. Together, Sarah and Matt transformed the mountain home into a bright and inviting property. Sarah came to the project incredibly prepared and with a clear vision from day one. Armed with a great sense of space and overall vision, she utilized and embraced the great existing light and high ceilings the property already had and incorporated this into her overall vision. The redesign began with a complete overhaul of each space starting with white paint throughout. Sarah says, “You cannot go wrong with a white wall – it brings in light and opens up a room. A white room allows you to be bold with your accents and furnishings and you can always change these as time goes by.” 

Most of Sarah’s energy was focused on creating a cozy and inviting feel in every room within Three Cheers. Sarah says, “I wanted everybody who came through the doors – being a family or a corporate group, to feel immediately at home and welcomed. I wanted Three Cheers to feel like they have walked into a home, and not a tired rental property. Somewhere they could host and entertain but also put their feet up and relax” And while no specific motif was cited as an inspiration, she favored online boutiques like One Kings Lane and (find their links below) to round out her vision for the property.

Sarah’s eye for design and focus on the smallest details was apparent in the end result– See for yourself!

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The Great Room

A once tired and generally unloved space, this room was to become one of the main focal points of the house. The high cathedral ceilings and oversized windows made an amazing backdrop for all the furnishing and accents. Sarah utilized antique and rustic hangings that she meticulously collected and stored in the months leading up to the home’s redesign, and by pairing these with crisp, detailed furnishings, a true modern mountain feel emerged.

Cms 2 white

The Dining Room

Accents and layering are merely two of the many tools Sarah utilizes from her seemingly endless bag of tricks and treatments. Warming fabrics, welcoming wall textures, and inviting minimalist furnishings all come into play to produce a one-of-a-kind outcome. And one need not look further than the new dining room to witness how it all harmoniously comes together.

Gone is the colder, more standard approach, and in comes a more comfortable atmosphere bringing families and friends together to create lasting memories over delicious meals. A taupe rug and new lighting brightens the space, and an oversized custom table and more comfortable seating brings the room into the 21st century. And while the bookcase, antique skis, and bear sculpture still maintain the home’s rustic charm, Sarah always keeps the table set to provide a certain level of sophistication – and anticipation – for any impending fine dining experience. Or as she say, “If you set a table, it automatically invites and encourages people to want to eat together.”

Cms 1 white

The Kitchen

The kitchen required a complete overhaul with new appliances, counter tops, an up-to-date sink, and an all-new herringbone backsplash to brighten the space and add texture. Wood casings were custom created and placed over the dated ceiling columns and arches to create a bold structural presence through a solid, rustic beam look.

Cms 3 white
Cms 4 white

The Living Room

Adjacent to the kitchen and dining room lies the new living room. Keeping the design consistent within each room of Three Cheers, this space achieves a comfortable and accommodating feel through its deep leather L-shaped couch, warm-textured rugs, and wood burning fireplace. It was important to Sarah to achieve a friendly and hospitable feel with a cohesive union between the kitchen, dining, and living rooms.

Cms 5 white

The Second Living Room

While we’re on the topic of the living room, let’s head up to the second one. Seemingly an initial afterthought when the house was first purchased, Sarah saw the potential for this room to become just as stylish as the other spaces within Three Cheers. With the goal of making it a comfortable area for kids to hang out separately from the adults when needed while still keeping it appealing to an older crew, she was able to create an escape for everyone to enjoy for some much-needed R&R.

Finally getting a good sense of Sarah’s unique style? With old-school mountain memorabilia lining the walls drawing the eyes up to the tall ceiling, this room is a perfect example of how whites contrasted with textures and textiles can give a room a whole new persona through a careful décor with materials that are as vivid as they are subtle.

Cms 6 white

The Bathrooms

From dated sunken tubs to tired tile, the original bathrooms left a lot to be desired. Sarah embraced the challenge willingly by again showcasing her love of white and applying it floor to ceiling with tile, creating a clean, modern, and refreshing space. Chandeliers with perforated shells then create an effortless romantic lighting scheme for a relaxing soak in the freestanding tub. Angles were accentuated, but softened, through the hanging of robes and towels throughout.

Cms 17 white1
Cms 8 white

The Study

You will notice in the below “after” photo, yet another example of Sarah’s signature style. Her use of layering with pillows and throw blankets throughout Three Cheers’ beds and couches pulls each and every element together. And as she reminds us, “When you have a base of white, you can always change your accents to reflect what you love right now. And the more throw pillows and blankets you use, the warmer and more inviting a space will feel.”

Cms 9 white

The Bedrooms

The top-floor master bedroom is one of the five completely remodeled and reinvigorated bedrooms. Bringing in the same welcoming textures found throughout the rest of the house, the bedrooms were quickly transformed into a space people want to actually be in, not just sleep in. Her style shows us how transformative white accents and texture can be. There’s a genuine kindheartedness to her style, something she finds important (and easy!) when creating new spaces. She saw the bedrooms as clean canvases, and the possibilities were endless when armed with a clear vision of an outcome for an individual space.

Sarah says, “Creating spaces within spaces is just as important when executing a look. Don’t overlook the possibilities and potentials of a room. Warm reading areas under brightly lit windows are as inviting as a well-presented bed.”

As such, all the bedrooms were given the same amount of attention and detail. Sarah stresses the importance of keeping design consistent yet slightly different in each space and to “always give each room the same amount of love that you gave the last.”

Cms 10 white
Cms 11 white

The Other Bedrooms - After

Cms 12 white

The Kids' Bunk Room

The kids' bunk room remained consistent in design but had a playful twist incorporating a more relaxed and fun feel achieved through small details such as animal shaped pillows, children’s books, toy baskets, and even a few bronzed fox-shaped wall hooks. Sarah always creates spaces within the houses she ‘reenergizes or rebuilds’ that she would be happy to have her own family stay in. “I would never make a space that I, myself, or my family would not feel happy or relaxed in,” she states. “If I don’t want to stay in there myself, then it just isn’t good enough and we’re back to work.”

Cms 13 white

The Laundry

Laundry rooms are so often forgotten or neglected. But with Sarah, she spends so much time in the laundry that, “I like this space to feel as light and bright as the last room I came from.” Therefore being restricted in space, it was important to utilize every working inch. By adding a countertop and floating shelves within the design, this provides valuable real estate for the entirety of the room. Again using white throughout, it helped to open up the space and add to the clean and fresh feeling of the laundry itself.

Cms 14 white

The Entrance

With the interior now complete, there was one area that was not. The outdoor deck and entryway needed to be as welcoming as any space inside this towering, ski-in home. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. As such, Sarah added her particular modern-mountain flair with the addition of shrubberies, heat lamps, throw pillows, and other accessories to complete the look and feel of Three Cheers. And with that, her mission was complete.

Allow us to add one more cheer for Sarah, and thank her for sharing her vision and journey in creating this beautiful hillside mountain retreat as well as her invaluable tips for beautiful Interior Design. For more information, please contact InvitedHome.

Cms 15 white
Cms 16 white

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