How to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors of Maui

It’s refreshing, it’s exhilarating, it’s cultural ~ And best of all, it’s free

With so many things to do in Maui, we understand if you become a little overwhelmed. Perhaps the best place to start is to learn about all the free activites you can find on the island. While we certainly understand that relaxing the day away enjoying the beautiful, panoramic views from your refreshing lanai can be tempting - after all, that’s free too - we encourage you to get the full Maui experience by setting out and discovering all the outdoor activities you'll only find on this one-of-a-kind island. 


Water at every turn ~ Enjoyment for every age

Ka’anapali Beach

Just a leisurely stroll down the public access trail lies the three-mile stretch of pristine sand and coastline that is Ka’anapali Beach. It’s a great place to spot a sea turtle, splash around in the water, or just sunbathe on the beach. The north swell causes big shore breaks and stronger tides, so please swim or snorkel with caution.

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Baby Beach

For a more children friendly seashore experience, head to Baby Beach. Here, you’ll find more protected waters due to an offshore reef. The water is also rather shallow, allowing you to walk out a 100 yards and get a firsthand view of the expansive coast.

Onsite Pools

Of course, you don’t even have to leave Honua Kai to make a resounding splash on your vacation. Their series of onsite pools features hot tubs, waterfalls, a water slide, a lazy river, and even a children’s area with a shallow pool and amusing fountains...all within a few steps from your door.

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Please Note: If you’re heading to the beach, trade winds do tend pick up in the afternoon and can be quite strong. Be careful, or enjoy the beach in the morning to avoid it altogether.


Explore your surroundings ~ It’s a sight to behold

Road to Hana

A full-day excursion, the Road to Hana offers a wide variety of stops along to accommodate an equal amount of interests. Load up on some snacks in Paia before you drive around the island, because there’s so much to see you might forget to eat. Ho’okipa has a great lookout spot to catch all the surfers working up their own appetite. There’s also a bamboo forest along the way if you’re looking to get out of the car and stretch those legs. And once you reach the more remote areas, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the deep blue sea, scenic waterfalls, rich black lava rocks, and lush greenery all around. Well worth the trip.

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Head of the Island

Also to the north on the head of the island is the 56-mile stretch of road known as the West Maui Loop. Along the way, you can catch a surfing competition in Honolua Bay. Stop at a roadside lookout to spot a whale while you stare out at the island of Molokai. Visit the quaint, old Hawaiian town of Kahakuloa. Or unload your bike and enjoy the red dirt, tropical jungles, and rolling green pastures in the open Maui air.

Napili Bay

Want to see what lies underneath this majestic sea? Head to Napili Bay. A popular snorkeling spot for its shelter on windy days, large natural reef and abundance of sea turtles, these shallow waters are great fun for the whole family. Be sure to stop at the Sea House Restaurant to enjoy a relaxing drink or delicious gourmet meal as you look out on the bay.

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Whale Watching

As you might imagine, there are plenty of great spots to spot a whale when vacationing in Maui. And a quick stroll down Ka’anapali Beach is a great place to start. But did you know that oftentimes you can even spot them from your very own doorstep? It’s true, and merely depends on what time you and certain whales choose to visit the island.

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Please Note: There’s a reason the surfing competitions are held on the north side of Maui. The waves sizes are not safe for even an intermediate surfer.


Stay active ~ And stay social

Fleetwood’s on Front Street

Recognize the name? We thought so. Yes, this restaurant is owned by the legendary Fleetwood Mac drummer (and he frequents it regularly when not on tour). It’s quite the lively spot, and a great place to have a few cocktails and enjoy a fresh, authentic Lahaina meal. But the free part comes earlier in the day, when you can enjoy Hawaiian Kumu or Scottish Bagpiper on alternate days. Come here on a Saturday, and see them both as part of a full ceremony!

BBQ and Gym

Honua Kai offers many complimentary amenities during your stay - and they don’t all involve the plentiful pools. Sure, you can choose to lounge around them for the day. But why not make friends with your neighbors and have a party around one of the many outdoor BBQs that are spread around the resort? For those looking to sneak in a quick workout, just head to the onsite gym.

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Beach Closet

And don’t forget to open InvitedHome’s beach closet. Each unit is provided with a bounty of beach chairs, umbrellas, kids toys, and a cooler to prepare you for a full day on the beach. Many of the units even have boogie boards so you can catch a wave of your own.

These are just some of the many free activities to experience on the west side of Maui. And you may have noticed the most obvious one is missing. The truth is, there is such an overabundance of hiking opportunities, it needed an article all itself.

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