Things To Do In Lake Tahoe

Where Outdoor Activities ~ Are Always In

The Area

Take A Hike ~ Or Go Jump In A Lake

Around these parts, those phrases are happily taken literally. So take to the open air, get some sunshine or take a refreshing dip before you retreat back to your room with a view. The reality is, no matter what time of year you choose to come to Tahoe, the choices remain endless. You’ll wish your stay was, too.

The Neighborhoods

When It Comes To Renting Here ~ Season To Taste

Head waterside to a townhome in the quiet community of Sierra Shores. Grab house to the south so you can cozy up to the casinos and area nightlife at the drop of a hat. Or bring your boat to the Tahoe Keys area for convenient access to the marina. The truth is, no matter where you choose to make camp during your time here, the homes on either side of you will be almost as unique as the one you’re staying in.

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What To Do

Get Wet Or Roll In The Snow ~ Here Are The Places To Go

You’ll feel lucky once you land in Lake Tahoe. And not just because you’re so close to the casinos. There’s so much to do around here, we don’t even know where to begin. But you can’t go wrong with any of the following, that’s for sure.

The Momentous Mountain

Cms cms skiing and snowboarding south lake tahoe

Skiing & Snowboarding

Welcome to where the sun and snow happily coexist.

Cms cms hiking or biking south lake tahoe

Hiking & Biking

Who says you need snow to enjoy the hillside in all its splendor?

Cms cms fishing south lake tahoe


Take to the myriad of rivers and streams for a bout with some trout.

The Soothing Shores

Cms cms waterski or wakeboard south lake tahoe

Waterski Or Wakeboard?

Challenge yourself to see how long you can stay dry.

Cms cms kayak or paddleboard south lake tahoe

Kayak Or Paddleboard?

Opt for the more scenic route around the lake that moves at your pace.

Cms cms swim or sunbathe south lake tahoe

Swim Or Sunbathe?

Take a quick dip in the pristine waters and then simply beach yourself for the rest of the day.

Go To Town

Cms cms casinos south lake tahoe


Get your game on and go all-in as you are just a short ride to the state line.

Cms cms nightlife south lake tahoe


All kinds of bars, authentic shops, and an abundance of activities await you at every corner.

Cms cms events south lake tahoe


There always seems to be some kind of festival happening around here – plan your vacation around one!

Where To Eat

Even The Most Discriminate Palates ~ Can Taste The Good Life In Tahoe

Cms cms evans american gourmet south lake tahoe

Evan's American Gourmet

Dinnertime is experiment time in this trendy spot, where you'll always have the freshest ingredients in a truly charming setting. Learn More.

Cms cms base camp pizza co south lake tahoe

Base Camp Pizza Co

Adults come for the happy hour (when the bartender always hooks you up), as the rest of the family enjoys their delicious salads and pizza. Learn More.

Cms cms macduffs pub south lake tahoe

Macduff's Pub

Get a taste of Scotland without the hassle of traveling out of Tahoe town limits. Learn More.

Cms cms himmel haus south lake tahoe

Himmel Haus

Good. German. Food and Bier. Go for the schnitzel, sausage platter and other Bavarian-inspired fare. Learn More.

Cms cms the getaway cafe south lake tahoe

The Getaway Cafe

For breakfast, brunch or burgers, this place is a cheap and usually fast way to get a meal before the day’s events. Learn More.

Cms the naked fish

The Naked Fish

Sushi as you've never experienced it before. The Naked Fish Restaurant and nextdoor Lounge is so original that it has inspired knockoff restaurants. Learn More.

What You Should Know

Sound Advice ~ To Make Your Stay Quite Nice

  • California residents have been escaping to this diverse paradise for a long time now, as it is just a quick drive from the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Out of towners can easily fly into Sacramento or Reno airports, just as long as you rent a car.
  • Because of a lack of public transportation, it can be tough to navigate the area without a car. There’s just so much to experience around the entire lake.
  • Bringing your own boat? Be sure to call ahead and talk to one of our vacation consultants about the best homes with private docking or easy access to public docks and launches.
  • Pack at least one item for all seasons as weather varies based on location.
  • If you plan on heading to high altitudes, adopt a proactive attitude. Drink a lot of water before and after, apply sunscreen often, and use caution with your alcohol consumption.
  • Housing here can be rather eclectic. So don’t be surprised if you have a quaint cabin on one side of your rental and giant mansion on the other. The great thing is, the occupants will probably be equally friendly.

Still Have Questions?

We have answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact a live InvitedHome vacation consultant via call or chat and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need. We’re always here to help.

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