5 Simple Tips to Earn More From Your Home

1. Look your best - We've seen it all, from blurry cell phone photos to listings that seem to emphasize dark closets and unflattering features.  Photos are a prospective guest's best chance to get excited about staying in your home, so put your best foot forward and get some great professional photographs.  Be sure to lead off with great photo that emphasizes a key feature of the home and include photos of every bedroom, bathroom, and living area.  Don't forget outdoor spaces, especially if they have a nice view, features, or amenities.

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2. Stay fresh - An up-to-date listing gives you the best chance to convert an inquiry into a booking, so ensure your calendar is always accurate, your description complete, and your responses quick.  Responding to a potential guest right away can allow you to book a guest before they hear back from other owners.

3. Earn more with lower rates - This isn't a trick! Guest interest in vacation rentals fluctuates significantly throughout the year as weather, school holidays, and local events drive changes in demand. As you move away from the busiest days and weeks of the year, lowering your prices can help you compete with other available homes and actually increase overall revenue.

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4. Broaden your appeal - There may be hundreds or thousands of people that see your listing and they don't all have the same tastes, so keep it neutral when decorating your home. Adequate furnishings and decor that are destination appropriate (beachy at the beach!) will often appeal to the largest possible audience. Specific amenities like hot tubs in ski destinations and swimming pools in warmer climates can also greatly influence rental appeal, so be sure to know what's popular in your area.

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5. Deliver the perfect memory - A guest may only take one big vacation in a year, and you want to ensure they have a perfect stay in your home. Everything in the home should be running perfectly, in great condition, and be impeccably clean. Guests who have great stays leave great reviews and help you secure future bookings.

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We know executing on these 5 steps can be stressful, so we created HomeCraft™ to make vacation rental ownership a joyful experience instead of a taxing one. You should enjoy your vacation home and the irreplaceable memories it’s created for you and your loved ones without worrying about what’s happening behind the scenes. Let InvitedHome take the reins so that your only worry is where to enjoy dinner during your next vacation… though if you need recommendations we can help with that, too. What has worked well for you in presenting your rental home to your guests? For additional information, please contact a Homeowner Experience team member at (855) 666-8064.

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