An Evening of Innovation with Tesla and InvitedHome

On Thursday, October 12, nearly 100 homeowners and real estate agents from across the Santa Barbara area will come together for an exclusive evening of innovation with Tesla and hospitality company InvitedHome. Each a pioneer in their respective industries, the two companies will share their insights into how they’re driving innovation in the automotive and hospitality worlds. Wendy Purvey, CMO at InvitedHome, will discuss what it means to buy a home in the sharing economy, and what impact this trend will have on the real estate and vacation rental markets.

Cms villachaparral santabarbara california

Guests will be treated to a cocktail party at InvitedHome’s Villa Chaparral -- an exquisite 4,732-square-foot home located on four acres of a French country estate in Santa Barbara, near the region’s wine country. Attendees will be delighted by the beautiful backdrop, which is a testament to the quality of the homes in InvitedHome’s expanding portfolio.

Tesla plans to up the elegance even more by bringing to the party its new Model S P100D, the fastest-accelerating four-door production sedan ever made. Guests will have the opportunity to test drive this record-breaking car, which goes from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

Thanks to Tesla, InvitedHome, and all the homeowners and real estate agents coming out to Villa Chaparral, the event is expected to be an enormous success, and an opportunity to build a partnership between two companies that are paving the way forward in the automotive and hospitality industries.

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