What’s an InvitedHome Virtual Binder?

At InvitedHome, each small step our team members take to go above-and-beyond turns into major differentiators from our competition. Our attention to detail is what separates us from other companies and what ensures that every last detail is perfect so our guests can have the Best.Vacation.Ever. One of the results of our coast-to-coast collaboration is the InvitedHome’s Virtual Binder.

Idea Backstory: Mike Ialeggio, at the time Telluride GM, had an idea. With the winter Telluride rentals season done and the summer’s events fast approaching, Mike found himself unexpectedly shorthanded. He had a wealth of impending bookings, but limited manpower to explain the details of each property to guests.

Mike began devising pre-arrival emails, calls, meet-and-greets on the days of arrivals, and post-arrival instructions, which morphed into one-stop informational binders with all the documents, directions, and location guides that guests could possibly need. The virtual folders included a step-by-step guide, with photos, of each home’s electronics and systems, including navigating entry codes and turning on entertainment systems. He found that this technique not only alleviated extra calls to his team about things like directions and parking, but dramatically improved overall guest scores along the way.

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Enhancements & Advancements: Upon moving to Central Operations Project Manager, Mike was able to focus on turning these processes into a standard across all destinations. If you think about a vacation rental as a product to be purchased, you can begin to understand how frustrating that process can be.

“When you walk into a Nordstrom to buy a new shirt, you get to walk out with that shirt,” says CPO and Co-Founder, Tom Feldhusen. “What happens with vacation rentals is you’re stressfully trying to plan an expensive vacation six or 12 months down the line.

“You may get a response saying that you’re booked, but you come away with nothing tangible.”

InvitedHome changed all that. With the Virtual Binder, we give you all the tools you need to start planning your trip, your packing list, and begin dreaming of the unexpected delights and unforgettable memories that undoubtedly lie ahead. That’s just part of our commitment to the joy of the vacationer.

Nationwide Implementation: Wherever you’re headed with InvitedHome, our team will take care of you before, during, and after you arrive at your destination. From our hospitality experts, who help you (what do they do?), to an exclusively-assigned guest experience team member to help with anything you need after you arrive, each team member will be easily accessible and on call for any of your needs, at any time.

In addition to our team’s support, the Virtual Binder will provide you with all the basics: the address, directions, where to check in, our early or late check-in policies, what to bring vs. what we provide, and access codes. Best of all? It’s in a digital format that you can easily share with your family and friends ahead of time.

Here’s an Example of How It Works:

High-End Vacation Rentals at the Ready
A virtual instructional tour, delivered in advance

From directions on how to get to the beach and turning on that commanding sound system to garage codes and lockboxes and everything in between, the InvitedHome Virtual Binder instantly delivers you the critical information you need to keep your vacation stress-free.

For more details on how an InvitedHome Virtual Binder can help you plan your next vacation, please call our Guest Experience line for your specific destination at (855) 978-7627.

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