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Getting Started

Q: I’m a first-time vacation homeowner. Why should I choose InvitedHome as a vacation rental management partner?
A: InvitedHome makes the onboarding process both simple and seamless. You provide the high-end property, and we’ll take care of the rest by driving revenue and ensuring that everyone who stays in your home is both properly vetted and thoroughly pleased with their vacation in your home

Q: I’m a vacation homeowner looking for an alternative property management company. What makes InvitedHome different from other vacation rental companies?
A: Unlike other rental management services, InvitedHome was designed with you - the homeowner - in mind. Our proprietary software, HomeCraft™, is revolutionizing the high-end property management industry, enabling us to provide a rare combination of unparalleled care, unrivaled expertise and unforgettable hospitality. It’s what we like to call Our Homeowner Advantage.

Q: I’m apprehensive about renting my new vacation home. How will InvitedHome, as my vacation rental management company, make me feel at ease?
A: Two words you’ll often hear when partnering with InvitedHome are “transparency” and “accountability". Our approach to Communication begins with a Homeowner Dashboard that is tailor-made to meet your needs. Our processes of caring for your home are always built on establishing trust.

Q: I’ve never rented before or have always done it myself. What exactly would my property management fee cover?
A: A major goal of InvitedHome is to always be upfront with costs. We want to maximize your revenue while minimizing unnecessary headaches you often find in working with other rental management companies who nickel and dime you along the way. Our comprehensive management fee includes everything from home inventory, inspections, marketing, house cleaning, and home maintenance so you don’t have to worry about the little details. Leave that to us.

Home Care

Q: What exactly is HomeCraft?
A: Simply put: HomeCraft is the purpose-built technology that’s revolutionizing the rental property management industry in order to elevate the vacation home ownership experience.

Q: How can I be sure my vacation home will remain exactly how I left it?
A: InvitedHome takes great pride in always presenting your home exactly how you prefer it to be presented. So whether we’re facilitating a multi-point inspection, taking inventory through HomeCraft or merely arranging pillows to suit your detailed preferences, partnering with us means you’re partnering with peace of mind.

Q: What is your approach to maintenance?
A: At InvitedHome, we make the biggest deal out of the smallest details. It’s what separates us from the rest. We understand your emotional connection with your unique vacation home, and we’ll always treat it as the fine gem that it is. We believe in a proactive approach to home care, including a capital expense projection plan to help you prepare for the near and distant future.


Q: How can I make more money on my vacation rental home?
A: InvitedHome’s approach to Cash is customized based on your goals and needs. Whether you’re looking to increase revenue from your vacation home or take a more strategic line to variable guest occupancy, InvitedHome constantly measures and analyzes your vacation home’s performance to maximize your return on investment. Contact one of our onboarding specialists at 855-666-8492 to learn more or to schedule a walkthrough of your home. And in the meantime, here’s 5 Simple Tips to Earn More from Your Home to help get you started today.  
(Best first step is to contact one of our onboarding specialists. We’re also happy to come and do a walkthrough of your home to see how your revenue could be impacted)

Q: How accurate are InvitedHome’s rental revenue projections?
A: At InvitedHome, we understand that every vacation home is unique. The corresponding revenue projection should be treated as such. We strictly follow 6 critical steps of every rental projection, and then quickly turn those projections into lasting profits.


Q: I want to buy a vacation home in one of your destinations. What are the best neighborhoods for vacation rentals?
A: Whether your goal is to buy a home for short-term rental in Santa Barbara, a ski-in ski-out home in Breckenridge, a mountainside manor in Telluride, an ocean-facing condo in Maui, a waterfront home in South Lake Tahoe, a quiet retreat in Steamboat Springs, a luxury property in Vail and Beaver Creek, a coastal cottage along 30A on the Emerald Coast, or an elegant estate in Jackson Hole, InvitedHome breaks down the areas’ most alluring neighborhoods for you. For even more information about specific areas, call one of our specialists at 855-666-8064 today.

Q: What are some bonuses of partnering with InvitedHome?
A: In addition to a vacation home well-managed, a partnership with InvitedHome includes perks like referral bonuses for qualified properties, discounted stays, and a $1,000 credit toward our other high-end homes. Perhaps the most valuable of all - a partnership with InvitedHome offers enduring peace of mind.

Q. What’s the difference between InvitedHome, AirBnB and VRBO?
A: InvitedHome goes well beyond just posting your home online. While we strategically feature our portfolio on more than 25 widely-viewed sites, our aim is to always make owning and renting your home a joyful and profitable experience along the way. From revenue forecasting and listing management to booking, cleaning, and long-term care, we make sure our second home care is second to none.

For a deeper look at the difference between VRBO and Airbnb, take a look at our post here.

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