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When it comes time to choose your vacation home management company, you have choices. The question is: how do you know which one you can truly trust? If you or your closest confidants don’t already know about InvitedHome, that question can be quite challenging to answer. You will of course do your due diligence, research the competitive luxury vacation rental management landscape, and maybe even sit through a sales call or two. But if you’re a clever fellow like InvitedHomeowner Gary Foster, you use your ingenuity and take matters into your own hands. And are we ever delighted he did.

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The CAUSE: Homeowner Puts Rental Management Companies to the Test

When Gary and his wife were purchasing their first vacation home along scenic 30a on the Emerald Coast, they were obviously elated to find the perfect pace in which they could gather amongst family and friends and create lasting memories together. But once the purchase process was concluded and it came time to assess potential vacation home caretaker options, many promises were made by various property management firms regarding their second home care. Most of what Gary heard were various assurances regarding policies involving guest occupancy, home capacity, and sweeping generalizations about what type of renters these companies accept into their homes. But what he soon discovered, those assurances unfortunately mostly rang hollow.

How’d Gary know, you might ask? A simple, self-devised integrity test he would covertly run. Gary posed as a potential renter and called all of the property management companies in contention. Four in total, to be exact. And for each one he spoke to, he explained he was looking to secure a home for his son’s bachelor party. He told a tall tale of needing a place that could sleep six, but with enough room to sleep any fraternity brothers that may trickle in and crash on the floor. Maybe 12, 14 at most, he would explain. “They all said no problem,” Gary chuckles, “except InvitedHome.”

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The EFFECT: Homeowner Chooses InvitedHome

“I was shocked by how loose the other rental companies screening processes were,” Gary continued. But with InvitedHome, “no matter what I said - offering to pay a larger deposit, double security deposits or fees - the answer was a very polite ‘no.’” As such, Gary now knew he had the right high-end property management company, and has been with InvitedHome ever since.

“Interesting side note,” Gary chuckles. “When I told the story to my InvitedHome onboarding partner she laughed, saying that probably explains how my cell phone number got put on InvitedHome’s ‘do not rent to’ list. Follow through- I like it.”

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The CASE SOLUTION: Do What You Say You’ll Do

Honesty goes a long way in our industry, and accountability and trustworthiness are always important core values at every destination InvitedHome covers. We don’t think twice about actually following through on our promises, and our team members just innately follow guidelines as they’re supposed to - and as a result, word gets around quickly. “We recommend you to friends and strangers we run into all the time,” Gary exclaims. “InvitedHome does exactly what they say they will do to protect our asset.” And if we should somehow slip up, we have a feeling our savvy vacation homeowners like Gary will always be there to let us know we did. 

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