Homeowner Perks

At InvitedHome, we believe in reinvesting in our homeowner partnership. After all, in many ways, you are an extension of our team. Your beautiful vacation homes are what ultimately drive our business, and create unforgettable memories we wish to inspire in all our guests.

As such, we tremendously value your opinion. Your relationships. Your community. Your keen eye for other distinctive, high-end homes that just may be a great fit for InvitedHome’s signature collection. And we want to reward you for your recommendations. Because as the old saying goes, the best form of advertising is, indeed, word of mouth.

Homeowner Perks

Yes, it is that simple. Know a friend? Got the perfect neighbor? Want to put us in touch with a family member? Refer away. Because you’re already one of our trusted homeowner partners, you probably have a good idea of what type of vacation homes we’re looking to add to our upscale portfolio. But just in case your need clarification: we’re searching for other treasured homes just like yours.

Once InvitedHome has reviewed and signed the details with the homeowner and their listing is live, you’ll find a $1,000 bonus referral credit in your InvitedHome account at the end of the month. Feel free to use it toward future expenses, or ask for it to be applied to your monthly payout. It will now be your revenue, your choice.

Access to our team doesn't stop at your current vacation home. If you're thinking about purchasing a home in another destination, our revenue team is available to help. We can offer advice on the location, what guests look for in a home, and let you know how much you can expect to earn from your new investment.

We can help there, too. We've partnered with Realtors who specialize in the luxury market in each of our destinations, meaning that your home will be marketed and listed how it needs to be, where it needs to be.

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Your Voice

When you have a moment ~ Please share your experience

First and foremost, we always make your anonymity a top priority here at InvitedHome. And all referrals will remain that way should we contact your referral, unless you otherwise specify. The same holds true when you allow us to use a quote in any promotional materials. Because from time to time, our Homeowner Experience Team finds it difficult to sit on quotes like this:

“I consistently refer vacation-hunting friends to check with IH first! It's a hotel experience in a private home. As a matter of fact, because of your professionalism and reliability, I have recommended IH as a property manager for my Florida beach house neighbor."
-InvitedHomeowner Since 2013

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Thank You

For your keen eye ~ and your kind words

Thank you in advance for any referrals and quotes. We greatly value our partnership and take immense pride in your trust in our team to care for these exquisite homes. For further details on our Bonus Program or to make a referral today, please contact your Homeowner Experience team at (855) 666-8064.

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