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Increased performance ~ Leads to increased revenue

Do you ever have that lingering feeling that, when it comes to your high-end vacation home, you just may be leaving some money on the table? You’re not alone - and you are probably right. Unless of course, your home is with InvitedHome. Our approach to cash is a simple one: more is more. We provide more visibility. More trusted bookings. More dynamic pricing. And all that leads to...more revenue for you. Here’s how we do it:

1) We’ll actually listen to you, and ask the right questions
At InvitedHome, we actually want to know what your revenue goals are upfront and outright. A one-size-fits-all approach to luxury property management just doesn’t produce the best results. We’ll work to understand your revenue goals, so we can then tailor our dynamic pricing strategies to align with whatever those goals may be - and if they change. For some homeowners, that means higher nightly rates and fewer guest stays, but for others, it may mean maximizing revenue, recognizing peak times in your destination, and offering a wider range of pricing accordingly. Whatever your goals may be, we'll work to generate revenue while staying within your comfort zone, all while consistently and clearly communicating our plan with you along the way

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2) We understand your home is more than just a collection of bedrooms
Every home is unique, and we believe it should be priced that way. InviteHome looks beyond just the square footage and number of bedrooms in your vacation home. Rather than grouping similar homes together or treating every 4-bedroom property in the same town the same way, we will create custom pricing based on more than 20 carefully analyzed factors. From style of architecture and overall curb appeal to signature amenities and elegant interior decor, we take into account the finest aspects of your vacation home and our in-house Marketing Team accentuates its appeal, giving it the visibility it deserves across more than 25 leading vacation rental sites.

3) You’ll never have to ask if the check is in the mail
Our reservation and accounting platforms within HomeCraft™ were purpose-built for high-end vacation rentals, and that means the revenue we produce for your home will be distributed on time, every time. No more phone calls or follow ups to understand when your check might arrive or what the amount on it will be. HomeCraft provides a single source for information about all of the activities taking place in your home, associated costs, and timely payout amounts in a clear and concise manner online, at any time. 

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4) Your rental revenue won’t leave you underwhelmed
Revenue is often one of the core concerns when making the decision to rent your vacation property, and understandably so. When you choose to share the joys of your unforgettable home, you justifiably want to get the most out of it. InvitedHome’s unique combination of proprietary systems and seasoned experts will maximize your revenue throughout the year by adjusting pricing to best reflect ever-changing supply and demand. As such, we will always monitor your particular market as well as our competitors, and continuously look for opportunities to adjust rates - up or down - to improve your home’s overall performance. Combine these strategic revenue services with our in-house Marketing and local Operation teams, and your home and your rental checks will have never looked so good.

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Bring the joy back where it belongs – not only inside your vacation home, but also in your pockets. Generating revenue - and receiving it in a timely manner - is an important part of your rental property experience. Prompt payments that consistently meet or exceed your expectations are key to leaving worries behind and looking forward to the delightful moments that will be waiting for you on your next stay in your vacation home. Begin by talking with one of our high-touch team members at 855-666-8492 today.

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