InvitedHome saves VHR owners from $7K in noise violations

Worried about guest behavior at your vacation rental? 

If you own a vacation rental in a highly popular tourist destination, you've probably heard murmurings of changes some cities are making to VR ordinances. In South Lake Tahoe, for example, the city has enacted changes to noise violations that have a major impact on vacation rental owners. As of December 22, 2017, these owners are now much more responsible for the actions of their guests -- and the city is pledging to pursue violators with no less than a small police task force.

What does this mean for the vacation rental owner? Here are the biggest takeaways, courtesy of the City of South Lake Tahoe

  • There will be no more warnings. If you violate the new VHR codes, you and your guests will both be hit with a minimum fine of $1,000.
  • If you receive three fines within 24 months, you’ll lose your vacation rental permit.
  • There can’t be any excessive noise between the hours of 10pm and 8am.
  • As the owner, you are legally required to let your guests know their duty to comply with every facet of the new ordinance.
When we first learned about the impending changes to the Ordinance, we knew we had to put the proper preventative measures in place to safeguard our owners from substantial fines. Equally as important, we wanted to shield our guests from the decidedly distressing situation of receiving a citation in the middle of vacation.

To continue providing the unforgettable vacation experiences our guests have come to expect and protect our homeowners from violations, we turned to technology. We’ve always been one step ahead in the vacation rentals industry, and to maintain that position, we partnered with a group called NoiseAware to become the beta company to test the early version of their product. After 30 days, the results had both parties excited for the future.

Cms noiseaware

NoiseAware is a noise monitoring solution that we've implemented to tackle noise-related issues on several fronts. The new system will help us:

  • Protect owners from unexpected costs due to improper guest behavior
  • Defend against false complaints by leveraging historical data
  • Improve our owners' standing in the community and the city
By taking this approach, we're now committed to settling any noise issues within 15 minutes -- and most importantly, before they can turn into an official violation. In the 30-day test period, we prevented 100% of noise issues, and 71% were resolved in 15 minutes. As we ramp up our partnership with NoiseAware, we know these figures will only improve.

Improved relationships with homeowners, the city, and the neighbors

By staying on the cutting edge of vacation rental technology, we’ve been able to better nurture the relationships with our homeowners, maintain steady relations with the city of South Lake Tahoe, and keep our owners in good standing with their neighbors. Here’s how:

  • Owners - Our South Lake Tahoe homeowners are thrilled that we’re taking proactive steps to keep their second home secure. We already have in place a strict guest vetting procedure, but with NoiseAware, we can ensure guests never behave improperly. Some owners have even taken to calling it the "party monitor" - an apt description. Our owners also love that we’re helping to create the best guest experience possible, ensuring great reviews and sustained bookings.
  • Neighbors - Our homeowners’ neighbors have recognized that we’re protecting their quiet times, and our SLT teams have noticed a significant drop in the number of calls they receive from the neighbors who are especially sensitive to sound. 
  • The City - Before we installed NoiseAware, a homeowner received a violation, for which we attended a hearing to appeal. After explaining to the city that we had since installed a system to monitor sound levels and mitigate issues within 15 minutes, we won the appeal -- and the trust of the city. We don’t expect to attend any more hearings. Ever.
We know what it takes to be the undisputed leader in luxury vacation rental management: Complete and equal dedication to the homeowner, their guests, and the community. By staying ahead of the curve and partnering with NoiseAware, we’re further reinforcing those commitments, and preserving the joy of owning a vacation home.

Your home deserves the best.

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