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Transparency and trust are two critical values we hold dear here at InvitedHome. And while you’ll experience the former immediately from day one, we understand the latter will have to be earned. When it comes to our industry-leading team members or the guests themselves, having people you can genuinely trust in your high-end home is paramount in our never-ending quest to achieve perfection in its care. Here’s how we’ll do it.

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1) Always putting your asset first
If you’re like many of our InvitedHomeowners, your vacation home is probably your second most valuable asset. It is our promise to provide it with the kind of care that is second to none. Your upscale home is unique, and should be treated as such. Which is why we go through extensive inspections and checklists powered by our proprietary systems to make sure documentation is always in proper order at every interval. Customized to you and your home’s individual needs, our Work Order System (WOS), which is  powered HomeCraft™, takes care of all the specifics. From housekeeping and maintenance to inventory, all the way down to where you keep your dishes, everything about your home is carefully chronicled and always available to view through our Homeowner Dashboard.

2) You may be renting your home, but it will always feel like your own
At InvitedHome, our meticulous process is carefully customized for visits by both guests and the homeowner alike. Not only do we create custom Home Operations Manuals to show guests how to operate and care for the specific features of your home, we’re also quite aware of the memories that you want to relive every time you’re in your home. So whether we’re arranging pictures just the way you left them or setting the table for your family of five rather than for the eight previous guests, our goal is to get it right each and every time. And should you want to surprise the family with fresh-cut flowers or simply have the fridge stocked with your beverage of choice, we can do that too.

3) Your preferences matter, no matter what
At InvitedHome, we’re all ears. After all, precise care and clear communication go hand in hand. And because the aforementioned trust is a thing best earned, should you have specific requests for the care of your home, never hesitate to bring them up. Preferred vendors are preferred for a reason. So if you have a plumber or landscaper whom you already trust, just let us know. And if one of ours is not up to our collective standards, we want you to let us know that too. We take our craft seriously, and aligning the proper upkeep worthy of your signature home is always a top priority.

4) Providing peace of mind, one visit at a time
We love our guests. We can say this because we get to know them first. We set minimum age and property use requirements (dos and don’ts) to find the best guests for your home. And since we generate so much demand, we can afford to be picky for you. As such, you’ll never feel anxiety anytime you visit. Your illustrious interior and exterior with always be kept immaculate, and your second home will be just as you want it to be – a joy-filled sanctuary of perfection.

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