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When it comes to your beautiful vacation home, lines of communication are not only transparent, but tailored to your needs and preferences as well. By embracing our purpose-built suite of technology called HomeCraft™, you will be able to see all of the specifics that apply to your home - with just one glance. Should you prefer a quick email or phone call to answer an inquiry, you can always rely on that too. Communication is key to the proper management of your high-end home, and here’s how we will do it:

1. Information when you want it, how you want it

Plain and simple, your Homeowner Dashboard is your window into your home and is available 24/7 through HomeCraft. After all, we designed our proprietary technology with you in mind. That means you will be able to clearly view any and all guest reservations in real time, when preventative and necessary maintenance is scheduled, and any miscellaneous tasks and homeowner statements from the past. All in one place. What’s more, we offer you the flexibility to connect with us in whichever manner you prefer. Be that through email, phone call or in-person meetings, we will always communicate in a manner that works best for you.

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2. A single point of contact

You will also have a dedicated Homeowner Experience Specialist. Gone will be the days of never getting the right person to answer your quick questions. Your point of contact will get to know you, your preferences, and can update you on exactly what’s going on within your home, as well as in your home’s destination and on InvitedHome’s strategy surrounding everything in between. Your Specialist will be the expert in anything you need to know, and will always be quick to respond (or have one of their equally-qualified team members contact you should they not be readily available).

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3. National in focus, global in reach

Communication doesn’t just mean correspondence between you and InvitedHome either. It applies to the rest of the world as well. Our high-end property management plan includes an aggressive marketing strategy. And while we’re proudly a nation-wide company, we’re global in reach when it comes to promoting your home. Our in-house Marketing team diligently works with more than 25 leading vacation rental sites, ensuring maximum exposure for a maximum return on your investment.

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4. Clarity prevents disparities

Making sure your statements are both clear and concise makes everyone happy in the long run. There should never be any surprises, and InvitedHome is always available to answer any questions along the way. We aim to help you understand our maintenance and upkeep schedules, and when any larger items need attention, we’ll let you know about it ahead of time and discuss the different options that are available. Should your water heater break, you won’t ever hear about it for the first time three weeks later when you are already billed for it. You want to always know what’s coming, and we will always be forthcoming so you can plan for it in advance.

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Bring the joy back where it belongs – inside your vacation home. Clear communication with your luxury property management company is key to leaving worries behind and looking forward to the delightful memories that await in the future. And if you can help us imagine the possibilities, InvitedHome can help turn them into realities. Begin by talking with one of our high-touch team members at (855) 666-8064 today.

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